Spiritual health and wellness event will promote self-care and relaxation

Awaken will be held at The Parr’s Bank on Sunday, March 26

Parr’s Bank will host a wellness event in Warrington downtown later in the month, bringing natural health and wellness under one roof.

Awaken offers families the opportunity to access and experience a range of activities in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

The event on Sunday 26 March was organized by Woolston holistic therapist Helen Totton in an attempt to bring people together in a space where they feel safe and heard and where they can empower and relax.

Tickets are selling fast with nutritionists, trainers, crystals and therapists providing opportunities for guests to be pampered, listen and learn, as well as feel inspired.

Helen is a spiritual mentor, intuitive healer and meditation leader who provides transformation and awareness, allowing clients to break free and reset.

She says maintaining space is her superpower and has a unique way of making people feel safe, cared for and heard.

Helen, who has experienced depression, anxiety and PTSD in the past, is passionate about showing others that they have the power to heal.

She said, “I’m on a mission to remove the stigma of ‘woo woo’ and spirituality, making it accessible and empowering for the modern generation.

“This is not just another spiritual fair – this is a safe space where people can come together and ask questions while meeting like-minded families who are questioning whether there is more to life to learn and discover more about themselves.

“I want to inspire everyone to see that by making a difference in their own lives, the effect ripples out, making a difference in the lives of their children and those around them.”

Awaken event organizer Helen Totten

Awaken event organizer Helen Totten

Awaken event organizer Helen Totten

Serenity Float Spa representatives will be there to offer advice and talk about the benefits of floating centers filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt water.

Clare Fahy, reiki master and holistic therapist, will introduce you to the world of quantum frequencies with Healy, a lightweight holistic device that blends health, science, technology and spirituality.

Other guest speakers include Hay House author, spiritual guide and owner of The Angel Mystery School, Claire Stone, and author, positive psychology coach and leader of the Mama’s Ignited movement, Louisa Herridge.

Helen, who is 41, added: “This day is all about self-care.

“We just don’t seem to prioritize ourselves enough in this society.

“One of my spiritual mentors says that our cup must always be full and overflowing so that we have enough to give to others and that makes sense.

“We forget that we cannot support and care for others if we are not supporting and caring for ourselves first.

“During the event, we are offering several free healing sessions where anyone can receive a mini reiki treatment, which helps relax the nervous system and realign the body’s energy.”

Helen and Tottem Healing have been holding their monthly group meditation sessions in the beautiful main hall of The Parr’s Bank for the past 12 months, so the space will be the perfect place to do Awakening.

Spiritual health and wellness event will promote self-care and relaxation

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