Some Olaplex Users Claim The Products Caused Hair Damage, But Here’s What A Dermatologist Has To Say

Olaplex redresses the controversy around its range.

The award-winning haircare brand is known for its products that claim to repair, protect and strengthen all hair types. And from styling creams and oils to shampoos and conditioners, Olaplex’s various offerings have hundreds of rave reviews online, including on its website, Sephora, Ulta, and on social media platforms like TikTok.

But in recent months, Olaplex users have reported that products, such as #3 Hair Repair Perfector, #5 Maintenance Conditioner, and #7 Bonding Oil, to name a few only a few, damaged their hair. Some have claimed to have experienced hair breakage, thinning hair, and even hair loss.

As one Sephora reviewer wrote in August 2022 of Hair Repair Perfector #3: “It fried my hair after using once for 10 minutes as directed.”

“I completely fried my ends and have breakage all the way down the hair shaft,” the reviewer continued. “This is after trying to fix it with a moisturizing mask. Also, my hair is falling out in clumps. I’m devastated. My hair was long, thin and silky before and now it’s destroyed.”

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TikToker @rosies.journeyy showcased the texture of her locks in a September 2022 video.

“After using Olaplex for two months in a row, a lot of my hair fell out, I had horrible dandruff, my hair was completely dried out,” she said. “And the only thing I changed was to use the whole Olaplex range.”

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In addition to the TikTok community, people have taken to the Facebook group “Olaplex Hair Loss/Hair Damage?” to detail their experience with the brand. The private group has grown to over 4,000 members since its inception in July 2022.

But despite the complaints that some users have spoken about, Olaplex stands behind its products and denies the claims.

“There is no evidence that Olaplex products cause hair loss or breakage,” a spokesperson for the brand said in a statement to E! News. “We believe in the safety and effectiveness of our products, which are thoroughly tested in-house and by independent third-party labs.”

Olaplex noted that there are a “wide variety of reasons” why people may experience hair breakage or hair loss, “including lifestyle, various medical conditions and medications, sequelae of COVID, skin conditions and more”.

The brand spokesperson added, “Anyone who suffers from constant hair breakage should consult with their stylist and dermatologist to better understand their unique hair and skin needs.

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Certified dermatologist Dr Sheila Farhang acknowledged in an exclusive interview with E! News that hair loss is a very complex problem that isn’t usually caused by hair products.

“Hair loss is a very emotional situation, so people are talking about it and wanting to find answers quickly,” she pointed out. “Unfortunately, because of this, I’ve seen a lot of hair product companies being blamed for something they probably didn’t cause.”

So what exactly can damage hair? Well, it could be other aspects of your beauty routine.

“Hair damage and breakage can be caused by harsh chemicals such as those done by professionals – think bleaching,” Dr. Farhang said, “as well as excessive styling and heating.”

The Tucson, Arizona, and Beverly Hills, Calif.-based dermatologist also noted that health factors such as stress, hormones, and nutrient deficiencies can play a role in hair breakage.

And if you’re curious about what ingredients in hair care products to avoid, she said: “Sulfates (SLS), high alcohol or bleach products could potentially over-dry your hair and possibly break it. if you already have damaged fine hair. Hair.”

But again, she stressed that it is best to consult the experts if you are having any skin, hair or nail issues.

As Dr. Farhang said, “If you suffer from hair loss, see your dermatologist so they can diagnose you and treat you appropriately.”

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Some Olaplex Users Claim The Products Caused Hair Damage, But Here’s What A Dermatologist Has To Say

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