Solera Health launches the first-of-its-kind women’s healthcare offering that addresses the needs of women at every stage of life

Solera’s new Women’s Health Network expands its extensive range of value-based digital and community-based health programs to address the broad spectrum of women’s health challenges

PHOENIX, October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — sole health, the leading platform for seamlessly connecting people with proven and personalized healthcare solutions, announces the launch of a unique Women’s Health network of digital point solutions. Solera’s new network spans the spectrum of women’s health needs, including those who are underserved by the market today, and fills critical gaps in care to give more access to women who need it.

“Women’s health needs extend beyond fertility and motherhood, and we have purposefully built a network that spans the lifecycle of women’s unique health needs, from pelvic floor dysfunction to menopause,” said Maria Langowski, CEO of Solera Health. “Women’s health remains one of the most underserved segments in our healthcare system, and we’re excited to expand our offering to address some of the most prevalent health disorders women face today.”

Solera has conducted extensive user studies and found that 68% of women feel that women’s health is not given enough attention. Additionally, 87% of women are very or very interested in at least one of the tools offered by Solera, and 79% would like to use more than one solution at a time, indicating that one size fits all for women’s health.

Solera’s Women’s Health Network will begin with five partner solutions: Frame Fertility, Origin, Pacify, RestoreBalance and Visana. This network has been carefully vetted and curated to bring together in one place the best possible solutions to address the physical, behavioral and social needs of women at every stage of life. These solutions serve as a powerful complement to leading maternal offerings to help a healthcare plan or employer better meet the needs of all women in its population through a single contract and IT integration.

Solera’s clinical AI and personalized matching experience matches program participants with their most appropriate program based on their clinical needs and personal preferences. This approach enables every woman to get the care she needs, when and where she wants. Additionally, Solera’s value-based payment model best aligns member engagement with clinical outcomes.

“Solera’s Women’s Health Network is a clinically inclusive and comprehensive offering that addresses the key health needs of women of all ages, resulting in a happier, more productive workforce that feels empowered and supported,” continued Langowski. “Solera’s new suite of evidence-based women’s health programs continues our mission to provide the best solutions to meet the diverse clinical needs of our member populations. We are committed to ensuring that each person receives the personalized care needed to achieve superior results at a lower cost.”

About frame fertility

Frame Fertility is the first evidence-based, comprehensive platform that enables early risk identification and care navigation to inform family building and planning. Developed with clinical experts, Frame’s approach alleviates a downstream and often costly health crisis for patients, employers and payers. Founded by a wife and husband team who have been through their own challenging fertility journey, Frame seeks to replace reactive, universal family planning models and offers a new path forward with tailored resources and expert support from coaches who get there come out and take you wherever you want. Frame supports people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities and sexual orientations, both alone and in partnership. For more information visit

About HealthFleet

RestoreBalance, a HealthFleet program, is an instructor-led digital menopause support program. As part of HealthFleet’s Restore family of products, RestoreBalance addresses the core issues so women in the workforce can be in control of their day-to-day well-being with confidence. With more than 30 symptoms and thousands of women diagnosed every day, menopause affects individuals, families and organizations at large. Such a large population cannot remain without support. RestoreBalance is a digital menopause support program with live coaching for education, accountability and habit building. HealthFleet offers solutions that combine technology, people and content to deliver impactful programs like RestoreBalance. This includes personalized, actionable support for individuals to address health issues before they escalate. learn more about it HealthFlottes RestoreBalance program, visit us at

About origin

Origin is a leading provider of pelvic floor and total body physical therapy with a specialized focus on pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and sexual health. Origin offers virtual and in-person PT sessions that are covered by insurance and supported by proprietary exercise programs, educational content, and community experiences. Origin is building a category-defining brand that establishes a higher standard of care for every woman and individual with vaginal anatomy. In addition to personal locations in The angel, san franciscoand austin, Origin offers virtual grooming nationwide. The expansion continues, with new clinics Texas scheduled to open in early 2023. For more information, see or @theoriginway.

About Pacify

Pacify offers new and expectant parents 24/7 infant feeding and doula support. Pacify’s nationwide network of IBCLCs and maternal health professionals helps families in minutes, reducing costs and improving outcomes for partners including WIC programs, departments of health, home visiting programs, managed care organizations, hospitals, nonprofits and employers. Learn more when you visit

About Visana

Visana raises the standard of women’s health. Founded in 2019 by the CEO Joe Connolly, Visana is a virtual-first clinic providing full-person clinical care for the broadest range of women’s health conditions. From menstruation to menopause, Visana goes beyond the narrow focus on motherhood and offers the most comprehensive care for all stages of a woman’s life. Visana coordinates with personal providers for seamless end-to-end care and offers holistic support for women, including health coaching and personalized care plans. For more information visit

About Solera

Solera Health changes lives by leading people to better healthcare solutions that work. Leveraging a dynamic digital platform, the company provides intensive, evidence-based lifestyle, behavioral and social interventions that impact the most common and costly chronic conditions at varying degrees of severity. Solera strategically matches consumers to their most appropriate solution within carefully curated and vetted networks of digital and community-based point solutions, all implemented via an innovative, value-based payment model. The company’s range of healthcare programs includes diabetes prevention and management, falls prevention, hypertension, mental and behavioral health, musculoskeletal disorders, tobacco cessation and weight management. Additionally, Solera’s best-in-class solution handles challenging administrative tasks including claims processing, compliance, consumer engagement, eligibility verification, member reconciliation and provider management, giving payers and employers access to dozens of point solutions with just one contract and technical integration. For more information visit

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Solera Health launches the first-of-its-kind women’s healthcare offering that addresses the needs of women at every stage of life

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