Single-port VATS method in lung cancer

Single-port VATS method in lung cancer

Prof. Dr. Semih Halezeroğlu, Thoracic Surgery Specialist at Acıbadem Maslak Hospital, explained the single-port VATS method, which is a closed surgery technique in lung cancer.

Emphasizing that lung cancer does not cause many complaints in the initial phase, Prof. Specialist in Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Semih Halezeroğlu lists the symptoms that occur over time as “cough, weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, pain in different parts of the body, hoarseness, swelling in the face, difficulty swallowing, coughing up blood from the mouth”.

Stating that the rate of treatment at the early stage has very successful results, Prof. Dr. Semih Halezeroğlu said, “The most common and basic treatment approach at this stage is surgical removal of the tumour. Today, at the point where medical technologies have reached, we can talk about successful treatment results of up to 70%, thanks to closed surgeries”.

Noting that the single-port VATS method has gained prominence among closed surgeries recently, Prof. Dr. Semih Halezeroğlu continued his speech by saying:

“The entire procedure is done with a small incision in the chest. Single-port VATS is mainly preferred because it allows patients to breathe very easily after surgery and does not lower their immunity. Furthermore, as the diagnostic and treatment procedures can be performed in the same operation with this method, if the anatomopathological examination shows that the tumor is malignant, the patient can be treated without wasting time on the doctor’s intervention.”

Lung cancer surgeries are divided into two groups: ‘open surgeries’, in which the ribs are opened, and ‘closed surgeries’, performed with images captured between the ribs without opening the thoracic cavity. Stating that closed surgeries are also divided into 2 as standard VATS, robotic method and single port VATS method, Prof. Dr. Semih Halezeroğlu said, “In the standard VATS and robotic method, 3 or 2 incisions are made in the chest cavity. In the single-port VATS method performed under general anesthesia, it is inserted through a single 3-2 cm incision. By evaluating the images obtained from the diseased area by the surgical camera on the screen, he performs the operation through the same incision.

Thoracic surgeon Prof. For this reason, even the smallest problem in this vital area causes pain. Therefore, the fewer incisions in the ribcage, the less nerve damage and the less pain. The advantages of Single Port VATS, which offers a single incision, are short operating time, low complications, low bleeding volume, minimizing the risk of pneumonia and lung collapse thanks to very comfortable breathing after surgery, reduced intensive care period after surgery, very little damage to the immune system. Thanks to his vision, the patient can fight cancer more strongly, there are fewer aesthetic problems, he can be discharged in a short time, fewer complaints of pain and much less time to return to his daily routine”.

Single-port VATS method in lung cancer

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