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Shama Sikander shines in her bathing suit! The Indian actress has flaunted her incredible figure in one of her latest social media posts. In it, she wears a blue and black strapless monokini, which highlights her flat abs. She added the hashtag “chill vibes.” How does the gorgeous actress maintain her fit physique? Read on to see 7 of Shama Sikander’s best tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work – and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essential tips 30 Best Celebrities in Swimsuits Ever!

According to Shama, staying in shape starts with a healthy diet. “I prefer to eat healthy and avoid fatty foods and rice. Instead of regular rotis, I have multigrain rotis. My diet is high in protein and lower in carbohydrates. Foods with more fiber, such as egg whites, chicken and fish, are a large part of my diet, she told Celeb Fitness.

Shama also recommends tailoring your diet to your health goals. “Right now I’m focusing on good health because I’ve had some health issues in the last year,” she said in a statement. video detailing her diet.


Shama is a big fan of time-restricted eating, also known as intermittent fasting. “Giving a gap is very, very important,” she explained. There are several ways to eat time-restricted, according to the Mayo clinic.

  • Intermittent fasting. Eat a normal diet one day and a full fast or a small meal (less than 500 calories) the next day.
  • 5:2 fast. Eat a normal diet five days a week and fast two days a week.
  • Daily time-restricted fasting. Eat normally, but only within eight hours a day. For example, skip breakfast, have lunch around noon and dinner at 8 p.m.,” they explain.

Shama also recommends yoga, a great mind-body workout. “This one was tough, but soooo liberating, powerfully strengthening and opening up all the glutes/back muscles,” she wrote this photo shared on Instagram. According to the American Osteopathic Associationthere are over 100 different types or schools of yoga.

Physical benefits of yoga include:

  • increased flexibility
  • increased muscle strength and tone
  • improved breathing, energy and vitality
  • maintaining a balanced metabolism
  • weight reduction
  • cardio and circulatory health
  • better athletic performance
  • protection against injury

Sikander becomes zen through meditation, which helps her deal with online trolls. “Trolls rarely affect me now, all thanks to the meditation I practice regularly. It helps me stay calm,” she shared Indian Express.

Shama is also a big fan of working her way to a hot body. She likes boxing and kickboxing. “Let’s fight…” she captioned a recent video of her intense workout. “This type of boxing has many health benefits because it requires you to constantly think, change your position, and change your posture,” physical therapist Linda Arslanian, director of rehabilitation services at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, tells SELF. Harvard Health“You’re swinging your arms, moving the muscles of your arms and shoulders, increasing your upper body strength. And when you’re in the boxer with a wide stance, with your knees slightly bent, you’re strengthening your core muscles, back and legs. “

Sikander makes sure she takes care of herself. “I just love going to spas and getting myself a massage at least once a week. Sleeping is another great way to relax. Listen to soft music helps me relax after a hard day’s work. Traveling is another passion that always rejuvenates me,” she told Celeb Fitness.

Shama Sikander in bathing suit has “Chill Vibes” – Celebwell

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