Rwanda: Parent-Child Conversations About Sexual Reproductive Health Rare – Study

A new study conducted in seven districts of Rwanda has shown that many young people are reluctant to talk to their parents about sexual and reproductive health.

The study was commissioned by the Society for Family Health (SFH) and conducted with technical and financial support from Enabel (Belgian Development Agency) through its Barame project and the Rwanda Biomedical Center through its Maternal Child and Community Health (MCCH) Division .

718 young people in the districts of Gakenke, Gisagara, Karongi, Nyamasheke, Nyarugenge, Rulindo and Rusizi were reached between September and October last year.

It used structured questionnaires to collect data from young people aged 10 to 24.

According to the findings, 57 percent of young people surveyed said they had never discussed sexual and reproductive health with their father, while 31 percent said they had not had such discussions with their mother.

However, when asked if they would be comfortable talking to their father about it, 16 percent said they would find it “very easy,” while 49 percent said it would be “easy or somehow.” to be.

When it comes to talking to their mothers, 25 percent of young people surveyed said they think it would be “really easy,” while 59 percent said it would be “easy or somehow.”

Veronique Zinnen, the intervention manager at the Barame project, said the study’s findings could be used to develop “evidence-based strategies” to address the gaps that exist regarding sexual reproductive health.