Rochester parents scramble to feed their kids

Elli Assiobo-Tipoh of Rochester is down to her last can of formula to feed her four-month-old daughter.

Like so many parents who rely on formula to feed their infants, she is scrambling. Every two weeks, she and her husband search Rochester-area store shelves looking for a can or two of specialty infant formula.

Some parents repeatedly search multiple stores for a specific, needed brand. Others rely on family and friends to help them scour shelves. Many have turned to social media, asking strangers for help in locating and buying essential food.

Formula product recalls and supply chain strains have caused nearly 45% of baby formula to be sold out at retailers across the U.S. The scenario is a source of major stress for many parents who already feel overwhelmed caring for young children during the ongoing pandemic. 

Rochester parents scramble to feed their kids

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