Rings of Power Delivery Schedule

Fantasy and sci-fi is in high demand in our post-Game of Thrones world. Whether viewers prefer dragons or superheroes (because, yes, Marvel and the boys fall into the broad categories of fantasy/sci-fi), audiences want complex, out-of-this-world stories with big budgets. Streaming services are more than happy to deliver, with almost every major platform adding a show to the mix. HBO has Game of Thrones and its prequel House of the Dragon, naturally. Netflix has Weird stuff and now the sandman (which will hopefully be renewed for Season 2) soon, Disney+ has its massive Marvel and Star Wars universes, and then there’s Amazon’s Prime Video.

Past the boys, Prime Video is having some trouble getting potential franchises off the ground. Most of today’s popular fantasy and sci-fi shows are adapted from well-known books or comics, and while Prime Video probably has a nearly unlimited budget due to its parent company’s massive e-commerce empire, the streaming platform doesn’t have its own. Game of Thrones show yet. Wheel of TimeBased on an acclaimed book series, it got off to a slow start in the first season and hasn’t yet earned the fanfare it caused. Paper Girlsa science fiction show adapted from an acclaimed Brian K. Vaughan comic series, still hasn’t said a word about a season 2 revamp, despite its critical praise as an intriguing antithesis to Netflix’s Weird stuff.

Of course not every streaming platform needs a Game of Thronesbut when your company’s famed founder/CEO announces he’s on the hunt for his own version of the HBO franchise — like a 2017 Business Insider article reported – viewers will no doubt have high expectations when you acquire in-demand IPs and have the capital to spend the equivalent of a feature film’s budget for each episode.

That’s true Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power comes in. No fantasy property is more revered, more desirable, or more acclaimed than Lord of the Rings. The lifelong work of writer JRR Tolkien set the stage for all the epic fantasy to come after him, Game of Thrones including. And now Prime Video has its own prequel to the fantasy book series, with a staggering budget to boot, according to the bell. If Prime Video wanted to have its own Game of Thronesit is in the best position it has ever been in.

So, when can you watch this new series? We have The Rings of Power release schedule below so you don’t miss out.

What time do new episodes of start The rings of power to come outside?

The first two episodes landed on Prime Video on Thursday, September 1, at 6pm PDT and 9pm EDT.

Post-premiere episodes air at 9pm PDT on Thursdays and 12pm EDT on Fridays. Deadline has an even more robust schedule for anyone outside the United States.

When is the next episode of Under the spell of the Ring: The rings of power get out?

The next episode of The rings of power will be on Prime Video on October 9 at 9 p.m. for viewers on the West Coast and on October 10 at noon for those on the East Coast.

How many episodes are left? The Lord of the Rings: The rings of power?

There are two episodes left in season 1 of The rings of power. There will be eight episodes in total in Season 1.

Here’s the full release schedule for it The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Episode 1: Streaming now from September 1st

Episode 2: Streaming now September 1st

Episode 3: Streaming now from September 8th

Episode 4: Streaming now September 15th

Episode 5: Streaming now from September 22nd

Episode 6: Now streaming from September 29th

Episode 7: Streaming on October 6

Episode 8: Streaming on October 13

Rings of Power Delivery Schedule

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