Renowned expanding medical facility in South Reno

Work is underway to construct a three-story medical office building spanning over 120,000 square feet that will be attached to the front facade of the existing South Meadows hospital, as seen in this rendering.

South Reno’s growing population is the impetus behind a new medical facility being built at Renown South Meadows Medical Center.

Work is underway to construct a three-story, over 120,000-square-foot medical office building that will be attached to the front facade of the existing South Meadows hospital.

Susan Lee, director of operations for Renown South Meadows Medical Center, said the building will support and expand existing operations at Renown’s Southern Medical Campus.

“We’ll be able to meet the community’s growing needs and do so in an environment that people will better enjoy,” Lee told NNBW in a recent interview. “The South Reno market is growing rapidly, particularly in the 65+ population – our Medicare population is actually the fastest growing segment in South Reno.”

South Reno has been one of the fastest growing areas in Truckee Meadows for the past decade, and it looks nothing like when Renown first built an assisted living facility there in the early 1990s. doctors’ offices in 2007, Lee said. This facility houses the South Meadows emergency department and other services.

Patient demand has long outstripped the existing operations’ capacity, however, and the new medical center adds much-needed space for specialist procedures, as well as other key services, including an on-site retail pharmacy. The first floor will house a large patient registration area and lounge, new cafeteria, pharmacy, laboratory and cardiac services.

“We’ve outgrown our lab and we’ve really outgrown our kitchen,” Lee said. “People will be able to eat and go out, and they will also be able to have their labs designed.

“The intervention and cardiac procedures will also be performed on the first floor of this building,” she added. “The building’s cardiac services will support the current emergency department – ​​there is currently no cardiac cath lab for an acute heart attack patient, and with the new building it will.”

The second floor of the new medical center was designed to be an outpatient surgical center with six operating rooms. The third floor, meanwhile, will be a multipurpose clinical and procedural space, although Renown has not yet identified the exact scope of services that will function in the space.

NexCore is the developer of the new South Meadows specialist care facility, while Gilbane Construction is the general contractor. The facility is projected to open in May 2024. Longtime Renown contractor Clark and Sullivan is renovating and renovating existing areas of the South Meadows campus. The cost of the new construction and renovation work totals approximately $110 million, Lee said, and funding for the new medical center was secured prior to the pandemic.

The building has been in the works for several years, Lee noted. Renown conducted a market analysis in 2017 that showed a strong need to add specific subspecialties in South Meadows in order to meet the anticipated high growth demands that will continue into 2030.

“The analysis pointed to the need to aggregate specific services from subspecialties, such as orthopedics, pulmonology, cardiology and gastroenterology,” said Lee. “Renown is developing a better space and new space to serve this growing population.

“Renown has been contemplating this for a long time,” she added. “This has been an incredibly structured and deliberate process. It takes years of design and input to actually make something like this happen; there is a lot of planning in these buildings.

Renown’s new South Meadows specialty center will complement a growing list of medical providers in South Reno, including service providers located along Professional Circle and on Double Diamond Parkway, and the new Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center on Longley Lane.

“South Reno has been recognized as an excellent place to provide healthcare,” said Lee. “The advantage of these locations is that they are in close proximity to two hospitals, which makes it very convenient for patients, doctors and doctors’ offices to co-locate.”

Lee said one of the biggest challenges to overcome will be completing the project on budget and on time due to the region’s ongoing labor and supply chain issues. Staffing the facility once it opens and quickly scaling services can also be difficult, she noted — especially as Sierra Medical Center continues to grow its staff.

“There is a lot of activity in South Reno, and Renown recognizes that capitalizing on that activity is great for our healthcare system,” said Lee.

“What healthcare is working to understand is that it’s just as important to have a good experience at our facilities as it is for the care we provide to be memorable and meaningful,” he added. “Having happy employees working in wonderful environments and providing great care sets our patients up for the best outcomes and experiences.”

Renowned expanding medical facility in South Reno

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