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What’s fast? Here readers let hear the issues of the day. Do you have a quote, question or joke? Call quickly at 312-222-2426 or email [email protected].

What will happen if Jim Banks has his way and it is made illegal for a woman to leave Indiana? (or any state, since he wants it to become a federal law) to go to a state where abortion is legal? Will the police be given the authority to stop cars at the state line, determine whether women are on board, and then determine whether they are pregnant? If so, will they have to prove (again, how?) that they are not on their way to procuring an abortion that would be illegal in Indiana? Will they be handcuffed and dragged to hospitals or police stations to be questioned and perhaps even given a pregnancy test? This sounds absurd, of course, and it is. And it is absolute madness. But it’s actually something that Banks proposes. And he wants to be a senator? It’s ridiculous and obscene.

Donald Trump Claims He Won A Two Day Golf Tournament But Only Played One Day? He was at a funeral on the first day, so when does he ever tell the truth? Did he have problems with the windmill?

Remember the saying “You can’t throw stones if you live in a glass house?” Or, Do you remember the game we used to play called ‘Hide and Seek?’ I mention these two items because former Vice President Mike Pence has provided support and validation for both. First, Pence was very critical of President Biden and the fact that classified documents had been found on his property. Pence tried to take the moral high ground. Pop! Pence’s glass was shattered when documents were found on his property! Reporters now have a hard time finding him. to comment on his possession of documents. Pence does a great job avoiding the press. At least one important lesson should be learned from the pennies dilemma. Leave the stone on the ground!

While the nation’s real problems continue to be neglected, Joe Biden continues his quest to buy more votes. Like the college loan blunder, he’s now going after tenants. He wants more legislation so that tenants do not have to pay their rent. He is not concerned about the building owners having to pay mortgages and taxes on the rent they depend on. Freebies from Joe. Buy a few votes!

I get a kick out of our Quickly Trumpian MAGA guy making up ridiculous things to accuse Biden and the Democrats of just trying to get printed or feel like a man of substance. I see a puny, insecure liar on the scale of George Santos, grocery shopping at the grocery store and living in his mother’s basement. Dream on, Vern.

If the “right to bear arms” is so sacred, then there are “guns” at all. that gun rights people would think it’s actually okay to ban them? Howitzers? Bazookas? mortars? Heavy artillery? Weaponized drones? None of these? Like assault weapons, are these all protected by the Second Amendment? Where is the line, or is there a line at all? And please don’t say that “common sense” would prevail. It hasn’t even come close to the upper hand so far. If common sense had prevailed 40 or 50 years ago, we might not be in the mess we’re in now, with more guns than people and mass shootings every day.

It sounds like we should have a protocol for collecting classified documents from politicians as they leave office. If the law says all documents must be handed over when they leave office, let’s make sure that happens. It is becoming increasingly clear that this is a major problem.

Kevin McCarthy is much more concerned about Hunter Biden’s laptop and his promise to “never leave this woman” (Marjorie Taylor Greene), then he’s with the historic drought hitting the California district he supposedly represents. McCarthy pays lip service to some outdated solutions that experts say won’t work, while not only ignoring the climate change that is causing the water shortage, but consistently voting against all measures to combat it. In fact, one of McCarthy’s first moves as House Speaker was to completely eliminate a congressional committee tasked with investigating the causes of, and possible solutions to, the climate crisis ravaging his district. He doesn’t live in his neighborhood, you see. He lives in faraway Washington, DC, where water is plentiful.


Readers speak out about the issues of the day – Chicago Tribune

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