Read 3 benefits of arguing in a relationship

Successful relationships go far beyond vacations, expensive gifts, cards and dinners in fancy hotels. They are about how you fight and grow together. Disagreements and arguments in a relationship are normal. For a relationship to be strong, a couple must continue to love each other, even when they disagree. However, it is crucial to recognize the challenges couples face and not shy away from the issues. Your relationship should have a safe space for each other so that you can express your true self because open, honest and friendly communication makes for better relationships.

How can arguments be useful in a relationship?

We lead such hectic and stressful lives that we often get overwhelmed with our responsibilities and don’t have time to communicate with our partners. Many of the issues that caused the initial fight can be resolved by accepting and respecting your partner’s emotions, feelings, work schedule, and family circumstances. But it’s also okay if you have a fight. You release your emotions and feelings that have been suppressed for a long time during a fight. Your partner may have a better understanding of what’s going on in your mind if you do this. Understanding the problem is the first step to solving it.

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Here are 3 benefits of arguing in a relationship:

1. You feel lighter after an argument

Arguing and fighting with your partner can be an emotionally draining and draining experience. But have you ever felt like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders after an argument? This is so that you can express your anger and find peace. You let go of your emotions, you let go of your insecurities. Instead of holding on to your emotions, it’s important to let them go and find release, but always express yourself with kindness and respect, so be mindful of your partner’s emotions as well. Make sure to time the disagreement so that it helps you move forward in the relationship.

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2. Active listening can save your relationship

Always look at problems as a whole, discussions should never be about pointing the finger at each other, but more about solving the problem. When you’re in a fight with your partner, you can express your disappointment, what you’re feeling, and what hurts you, and if you really pay attention and listen to what your partner is saying, you’ll be able to better empathize with what they’re going through. Resolving misunderstandings as they arise and letting go of resentment will make your relationship stronger.

quarrel in a relationship
Quarrels can improve your relationship. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. It helps you improve yourself

They say that “grow through what you go through” is so important. Fighting is like an unprocessed product, there is no strength and growth that will be achieved as a human being or in your relationship. By keeping your focus on what really matters, that you care about this person and want them to be happy all the time, you will develop more life skills such as patience, kindness, and strength, which will result in a better relationship with yourself and others.

Read 3 benefits of arguing in a relationship

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