Raccoon Hiding in Pantry Shocks Woman in Adorable Video

A Toronto woman went viral for sharing adorable footage of her discovering a mother and baby raccoon hanging out in her pantry.

The woman named Meg, who goes by the username @jewellersdayoff, shared the video to TikTok where it received nearly 8 million views and 10,000 comments in two days.

“Wait til you see the baby,” the caption of the video read.

The adorable video of the baby raccoon can be found here.

Woman surprised by baby raccoon in pantry
A woman went viral after catching footage of a baby raccoon hiding inside of a dog food container in her pantry.

According to The Humane Society of the United States, raccoons are resourceful animals that are capable of making a den anywhere in a person’s home, including chimneys, ducts, and crawlspaces.

“When raccoons are heard in such difficult to access places, a professional should be hired to search for young,” the Human Society stated. “If there are no dependent young, you can use mild harassment to encourage an adult animal to leave.”

It is also important to recognize the signs of rabies since raccoons are a primary carrier of the rabies virus.

Key behaviors to look out for in a wild raccoon:

  • Staggered walking
  • Wet and matted hair on the face
  • Repeated high-pitch vocalization
  • Self-mutilation
  • Eye or mouth discharge
  • Erratic wandering

In the TikTok, Meg zooms in on a raccoon staring at her from a door in the kitchen.

“Get the f**k out,” she said before the raccoon stood up and opened the pantry door.

The video then cuts to Meg entering the kitchen as the mother raccoon sat just outside the sliding door that leads to the back deck.

“Oh my god,” Meg said as she opened the pantry door to find a baby raccoon inside her dog food container.

She then turned her flash on and showed the baby staring blankly at her camera.

What do you want me to do with you?

Original Poster

“What do you want me to do with you?” Meg asked as the baby sat inside the dog food container. “Okay I closed the dog food and I’m going to bring the dog food outside and hope that the mother doesn’t f**king murder me.”

The TikTok then cut to the dog food container on the back deck—lid open and the baby raccoon staying comfortably inside.

More than 10,000 users commented on the adorable footage, many joking that the baby raccoon is now her responsibility.

“Nah he lives there now. That’s your baby now,” one user commented.

“Omg he opened the cabinet like he been there before,” another commented.

Omg he opened the cabinet like he been there before.

TikTok commenter

“Not him opening the doors like he pays the bills,” another user joked.

“He’s so cute! Just wanted a little snack,” one user wrote.

Newsweek reached out to Meg Lizabet for comment.

Raccoons have made the news before.

Another woman in Ontario went viral after she filmed herself giving the neighborhood raccoon cookies.

One raccoon in California got itself stuck headfirst after chewing through a person’s roof.

An Arkansas man was recently caught on video catching a raccoon with his bare hands during a baseball game.

Raccoon Hiding in Pantry Shocks Woman in Adorable Video

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