Protest over baby formula vote held at Rep. Mike Kelly’s office

(WJET/WFXP/ — There has been a baby formula shortage in the United States since 2020.

According to Millcreek Township Supervisor Kim Clear, then-President Donald Trump passed a bill that put a tariff on any baby formula that comes in from outside of the country.

“When we had one manufacturer out of five manufacturers go out, we were stuck with over half of our baby formula being not suitable for our babies,” said Kim Clear, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

Clear said that U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly voted against the formula distribution money.

“In essence on May 18, he voted against helping to supply children with food,” Clear said.

Mike Kelly’s opponent in November will be Dan Pastore. Pastore said this should be a non-partisan issue,

“If anything should be, the health and welfare of our children should be. It passed in a bipartisan way, but Mike Kelly put partisan politics first and voted against it. We just want to call that out. Really, shame on Mike Kelly. We want the public to know that he did not support that measure when it should have passed in a bipartisan way.

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Rep. Mike Kelly issued this statement in response to the news conference.

“The Biden Administration and the FDA had no plan to prevent the baby formula shortage when they shut down the Abbott Production Facility. Now, families are paying the price. I’ve voted in favor of the Access to Baby Formula Act and I’m actively working to address the underlying problems with the FDA that allowed this crisis to occur in the first place. This will ensure Western Pennsylvania families can find the formula they so desperately need.”

Statement from U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly.

Protest over baby formula vote held at Rep. Mike Kelly’s office

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