Pro-choice is a lie if the choice is made for you

(CNSNews) On January 19, 2023, mothers and their little ones took to the halls of Congress as part of Heartbeat International’s annual three-day event, “Babies Go to Congress,” to speak about their experiences choosing life for their babies . The atmosphere was centered around accountability, personal responsibility, change, celebration of life, faith and the grace of God.

Three moms took to the podium in the Capitol — their kids watched from their seats, or ran and played around — to share the experiences that brought them together that day. Danielle Nicholson, Kandice Morgan and Evalynn Hairston spoke about the issues they had faced in their lives until they became pregnant, and how they feared for their future when they faced the reality of pregnancy.

The big difference in the way these women dealt with their life’s problems, from unfinished education to sexual abuse, drugs and prostitution, was made by the help they received through the work of maternity centers and maternity hospitals.

Babies Go to congresswoman Evalynn
Lora Current/Heartbeat International
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Evalynn was working in high-end prostitution when she became pregnant with baby Hezekiah and was already the mother of a three-year-old baby boy. She had decided to have an abortion. But as soon as she saw the ultrasound at one of the pro-life women’s centers in her home state of Ohio, she chose life.

What followed, according to the modern narrative, should have been total ruin and captivity in motherhood. What really happened? She soon found spiritual freedom in Christianity, earned her bachelor’s degree, and married a man loving and supportive enough to help her through her emotional struggles and raise her babies. She has two beautiful children and lives a life she noted she couldn’t have imagined before.

Kandice was already the mother of a celebrated baby before finding out she was pregnant with Zoe shortly after. It came as a surprise to her that this time her support system seemed to be gone and everyone was urging her and her boyfriend to have an abortion. She found the family relationships and support she lacked at Real Options, in her home state of Texas, where she felt free of judgment and could really look at all of her choices.

Baby Zoe is now a happy little toddler. And her mother? She lives with gratitude every day and keeps in touch with the people who informed her of her options and helped her through the process. She just got hired for a job she’s been dreaming about for a while.

Babies Go to Congress Mother Danielle
Lora Current/Heartbeat International

Danielle found herself pregnant when she was 20, in the middle of a life of alcohol and drugs. Her family did not want to support her and she had no money. She noted that she did not have much ambition at that time in her life. But with this baby came a great desire to succeed as life was no longer just about her.

She notes Heartbeat International: “So many women resort to abortion because they think it’s their only option, or that their baby will get in the way of their goals. I wish I could comfort those women and tell them how loving my baby motivated me to achieve whatever goal I set my mind to. I would tell them that I named my daughter Lei’Lani, which means royal child of heaven. Why? I tell anyone who will listen: God sent her to me to save my life.”

These organizations were there for them, providing valuable resources, from information and education about pregnancy and parenting, to good medical care, to accommodation in maternity hospitals, where they could live as long as necessary, so that they could get back on their feet.

Crucially, these pregnancy centers not only offer help while the woman is pregnant, but also after the birth of the baby and even throughout the life of the child. In fact, many of these women remain in contact with the organizations for years after they initially sought help.

It was surprising to me to notice the relief in these mothers’ voices and confessions, as if no other place in society, not even their families, had offered them understanding to choose life. These are women who are not comfortable talking to most people in society because they chose NOT to kill their babies and because of their religious beliefs.

Mothers assisted by pregnancy centers told their story
on Capitol Hill
with Heartbeat International’s Babies Go to Congress
Lora Current/Heartbeat International

Like I have written previously this “right to life and death” with which a woman is charged today only caused damage on all sides. A woman is a mother when she becomes pregnant. The only choice remains whether she becomes the mother of a living or a dead child. All too often, attention is drawn to the grief of those faced with the result of nature making this choice, and their grief is legitimized in the eyes of society by their desire to have the baby. But it’s not talked about much the trauma behind abortionsand how much damage they can do.

Leaving aside the situations where the mother’s life is in danger (or, rarely, cases of illnesses incompatible with life), which doesn’t make the experience any less painful, abortion is never the only choice, and it’s not a choice at all if everyone around has already made it for you and deliberately kept you in the dark about any alternatives. In pregnancies that are well advanced, it is generally safer for both mother and child to deliver the baby rather than abort.

offensive pregnancy resource centersmenacing shut them downridicule or threatening those who chose life for their innocent children, even if they were conceived in a traumatic way, mentally crushes women. It makes slaves of them, slaves of sorrow and pain, felt or oppressed. It does not bring freedom, but oppression.

Tweet this: Attacking maternity centers, threatening to close them, threatening those who chose life does not bring freedom, but oppression.

From a Christian perspective, they are caught in sin (understood from my Orthodox perspective as a disease of the soul that plunges the heart into the abyss of sorrow, for which one needs a doctor, not as an affront to an offended God) and misfortune . From both a psychological and biological perspective, they add another trauma to those they experienced leading up to the pregnancy.

No one claims that raising children is easy. It is difficult. But the reality is that life is not easy. It’s messy, it’s traumatic, it’s violent and unfair, it’s cruel and unforgiving, and it will tear you apart if you don’t find the right coping, acceptance, and healing mechanisms.

Today, the pro-choice narrative is only one choice: “Kill your child or be ruined forever.” There is no mention of the risks, regrets, alternatives, or support systems that exist for women to move out of the experience and feel truly liberated from fear, guilt, and heartbreak.

We must not allow linguistic hijack to determine our lives and our future. Propaganda and its oppressive intentions must not influence us. There are options. There is hope and there is help. Abortion is not the only option. Take a deep breath, sit down, turn on that computer and look for pro-life alternatives. As my father always says, “don’t let your memories call you regrets”. If you’re pro-choice, exercise that right to options by researching all of them. Keep an open heart and an open mind.

Editor’s Note: Georgiana Constantin-Parke is the commentary editor for CNS News. This article was published by CNSNews and is reprinted with permission.

Pro-choice is a lie if the choice is made for you

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