Primary Decisions in Hudson: Readers Say Why They Support Aponte-Lipski, Ghainda, Stack, O’Dea, Guy | letters

Re-elect Commissioner Aponte-Lipski

In this age of divisive politics, the idea of ​​cooperation between elected officials feels like a rarity. Fortunately, if you’re someone who’s looking for candidates who can bridge divides and get results, this year we can vote for someone who shares those values: Hudson County Commissioner Yraida Aponte-Lipski.

As a supervisory director, Yraida is always willing to listen to different points of view and to be transparent in her decision-making. That is why it regularly holds constituent meetings and regularly sends out a newsletter. It’s also why she’s been a leader on key issues like opposing Turnpike expansion, creating bike lanes, and protecting Liberty State Park.

Yraida’s commitment to building consensus is a big reason why she receives support from a diverse coalition of groups, including the Jersey City Asian Merchant Association and the Hudson County Building Trades Union. This dedication is also why she has become a leader on the Jersey City Democratic Committee.

If you want a candidate for Hudson County Commissioner who is committed to bringing people together and solving the problems affecting Jersey City and Hudson County, I hope you vote for Yraida Aponte-Lipski in June.

Daniel Cronin, Jersey City

Ghainda would fight for reproductive care

I am writing to express why Adrian Ghainda is the right candidate to fight for reproductive justice and make Hudson County a Planned Parenthood location. While Adrian will not directly benefit from the creation of a Planned Parenthood, he demonstrates the inclusiveness needed to ensure that minority voices are heard and given the resources they need to survive.

As a woman of color, Planned Parenthood means accessible and affordable health care, not just the stigma associated with abortions. Our schools didn’t have the best sex education curriculum, and that’s one of the many services Planned Parenthood can provide to minors. Growing up in an immigrant household, those conversations were expected to be handled at school.

I never knew until recently that the nearest abortion clinic offering surgical abortions is a 30 minute drive away; meanwhile, in Jersey City, we have at least three crisis centers that stop women from having abortions. As a woman who may need these resources, I was unaware of the lack of abortion services in Jersey City until we had conversations about how to fight for reproductive rights in our community. I believe that education about the services we should have and why we need them is an important first step and Adrian is equipped to lead that conversation.

On April 25, Adrian went to Hudson County View to talk about setting up a Planned Parenthood location in Hudson County. He expressed his belief as to why the county should invest in establishing a Planned Parenthood location that is accessible to everyone living in Hudson County, not just our county. His interview emphasized that we don’t know about the services we don’t have until we need them, and we need to fix that. As a woman, I would be terrified if I couldn’t find Planned Parenthood when I needed it. Especially if I don’t have my own car. Therefore, fighting for reproductive justice is more than just a policy choice.

Having Planned Parenthood is more than just accessible abortion services for Hudson County. It could offer both pill and surgical services. Planned Parenthoods offers birth control, cancer screening, and STI testing. We also need the reproductive justice conversation to include abortion aftercare, grief counseling, access to abortion services for minors, sex education for minors, and education about the abortion pill versus the Ella. These are services I didn’t know we could have until Adrian and I were having conversations about how to improve women’s health in Jersey City.

I am hopeful that regardless of the outcome of this race, he will be able to work with Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan New Jersey to make sure we protect reproductive rights throughout Hudson County. Vote Adrian Ghainda for District 2 County Commissioner on June 6 to ensure all women’s reproductive rights are advocated and protected.

Maya Ramdayal, resident of District 2, Jersey City

Ghainda the true progressive

I am writing this letter to express my support for Adrian Ghainda in the District 2 County Commissioner race, the true progressive running in this race.

Adrian and I have known each other since high school and one clear thing I can say about him is that he has always been mindful of the people around him and in his community. He thoughtfully wants the community we grew up in to flourish and become a haven where everyone can thrive. In his candidacy for Commissioner, he shows this very clearly with his commitment to affordable housing options, advocating for safer streets and his aim to be transparent on all matters. Adrian brings to the table the voices and concerns of a citizen who grew up in Jersey City and I believe his ideas will really change the district for the better.

One of the most pressing problems in our community is the lack of affordable housing options. Adrian’s advocacy of community land trust and a universal right to counsel demonstrates a deep understanding of this issue and a commitment to finding lasting solutions. Growing up in Jersey City and watching luxury towers rise up on Journal Square and Downtown, we often felt like the city was trying to praise us. Adrian restored hope to us as he began his fight to demand more affordable housing in 2020. When he became involved in the Right to Counsel campaign, he showed us how we can fight for tenants’ rights for ourselves, our families, our friends and neighbours.

Street safety on provincial roads is another critical concern that Adrian addresses with utmost importance. I believe our community deserves safe and well-maintained roads that prioritize the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. We’ve all seen firsthand how reckless drivers are and how unsafe Kennedy Blvd is for pedestrians. His plans to improve streetlights and signs and implement bus transportation and Vision Zero protocols are essential steps in achieving this goal. Adrian and I have seen firsthand how unreliable our public transportation can be and I know he would be a strong ally in improving our streets and transportation options.

Furthermore, I greatly appreciate Adrian’s commitment to transparency in all political meetings, legislation and processes. Since Adrian became involved in local politics, he has always kept us up to date with what is happening in the city and county. He always explained to us how to get involved, how to pass information on to our parents. He has made politics understandable for our immigrant parents. Whether it was explaining the secret water tax, telling us how to spread the word about Right to Counsel, or figuring out how we could all prioritize mental health and find affordable services, he took the time to help us , as we would for anyone else . He made it his mission to make sure we all knew we can count on him to help us fight to make Hudson County and Jersey City better for everyone.

Adrian Ghainda’s vision for our community reflects a genuine desire to create positive and lasting change. His commitment to community land trusts, street safety on county roads, and transparency in political processes embodies the qualities of a true progressive leader. I believe his determination and progressive values ​​make him an ideal candidate to represent the interests of our community.

I strongly urge residents to join me in supporting Adrian Ghainda during the June 6 primaries. Together we can build a community that embraces affordable housing, prioritizes street safety and values ​​transparency in all aspects of governance. Let’s take this opportunity to elect a leader who will work tirelessly to make our community a better place for all.

History of Parshotan, resident of District 2, Jersey City

Cast your vote for Stack, O’Dea, Guy

If you’re reading this and live in the 33rd Legislative District, I don’t have to endorse Brian Stack because it’s very likely you’re already voting for him.

Same goes if you live in District 2 that you can’t tell a good man or woman to vote for William O’Dea because they already are. So I would like to inform family friends to vote for both as they come from a pure heart.

It is important to note that an educated voter will not vote for Stack or O’Dea because of their political affiliation. For example, my family does not vote for a political party; we vote for Brian, the man.

Many of my friends don’t vote for partisan politics. They will vote for Bill, the man.

Looking at the upcoming Hudson County primary on June 6, well-known names are in column B. To me, the B represents a “better” choice. Another choice seems to be an awake or outright RINO.

This isn’t exactly a Hudson County boy’s preference for life.

In the race for County Executive I consider Craig Guy to be the “better” choice. I have known him all my life and my opinion is that he is far from awake. He is the ‘better’ choice for our province.

Voice “B.” It’s the “Better” way.

James Francis Waddleton, Jersey City

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Primary Decisions in Hudson: Readers Say Why They Support Aponte-Lipski, Ghainda, Stack, O’Dea, Guy | letters

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