Paris Hilton reveals her beauty routine and product she loves

The original ‘It Girl’, the ’90s heiress whose trends are now iconic, the one who made us fall in love with chain mail dresses, and the former star of ‘The Simple Life’, Paris Hilton was in India to present her fragrance Ruby Rush. launch EDP. Her charisma is second to none and the vibe is contagiously positive, and we went with a lot of preconceived notions that were instantly dashed.

It was Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday when I finally understood the exuberance of Paris Hilton’s personality. For her 21st birthday, Kylie decided to wear a chain mail dress, just like Paris wore for her 21st birthday. And from then on, many celebrities took it as the theme of their birthday parties. That’s the impact we’re talking about and needless to say the ’90s kid was in awe, which is rare. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the chance to meet the icon and discuss our mutual love for all things beauty and fragrance. On her recent trip to India, we caught up with the star to learn more about her love of fragrances, her beauty routine, and a product that is a must in her skincare regimen.

Paris Hilton

Living with Paris Hilton

ELLE: Paris Hilton’s choices — personal or professional — have always been bold. How did you follow the same with your fragrance?

Paris Hilton: Ruby Rush is a beautiful red color; the packaging reflects the striking, sensual and bold personality of the woman who wears it, like me. RUBY RUSH is a vibrant addition to my Rush collection that exudes a sleek silhouette and a bold and rich attitude.

ELLE: How and why did you choose the color ruby ​​red and rose gold for the bottle?

pH: I like red; it radiates energy and makes me feel sexy. In addition, red is the color of the root chakra that allows us to be grounded and connected to universal energies, which is totally hot.

ELLE: While developing the fragrance, what was the most exciting part of the process?

PH: I am a creative and curious person. I love the whole process of concepting fragrances, meeting the perfumers and working closely with my team. The top notes of Ruby Rush are luscious, juicy cherries faceted by a refreshing hibiscus nectar, both wrapped in a sweet and delicious whipped cream. Dewy raspberry blossoms, a bold red dahlia and a fresh water lily evolve the fragrance with feminine allure and intensity. The scent dries down with sensual sandalwood, rich vanilla bean and musk that lend a cashmere-like warmth, giving it an unmistakably lasting impression.

ELLE: If we asked you what happiness, success and your overall journey smell like, what would it be?

PH: I’m proud to be a part of pop culture history. To me, happiness and success smell throughout my journey to my 29th fragrance, Love Rush. I feel like I’m in the best place right now; it reflects the new chapter of my life – getting married and starting a family, and I’m so excited!

ELLE: What inspired you to go into the beauty industry?

pH: The fragrance is my very first brand partnership and I have always loved perfume since I was a little girl.

ELLE: Why do you think wearing a fragrance is an essential step in a beauty routine?

pH: A fragrance is an invisible wardrobe and defines your personality. My tip is to choose a fragrance that makes you feel happy, sexy, powerful and confident.

ELLE: One step in your beauty routine that you absolutely love and rarely follow?

PH: I am obsessed with skincare and always make sure to cleanse and put on a face mask. I like using my LED light mask.

ELLE: Finally, how does it feel to launch in India?

PH: I am so proud to launch in India. It’s such a beautiful country and I’ve been there seven times already. It is so exciting now to share my fragrances with the people of India

Paris Hilton reveals her beauty routine and product she loves

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