8 tips to develop your focus meditation

Before we begin, it is important to recognize that there are hundreds of styles of meditation. Most of these can be placed in one of five categories, depending on how attention is focused, the intention of the exercise, and which areas of the brain are activated (or deactivated; Tarrant, 2017). The focus style of meditation […]

Pumpkin grown in New York sets new national record

It is the Great Pumpkin! A new record has been set and it happened in the Empire State. PIX 11 reports that a pumpkin grown in New York has set a new national record for the largest pumpkin ever grown in the United States. it also breaks the North American record. How big was this […]

Speaking at work? Don’t let lack of mental clarity derail your argument (Holistic Hustle)

Kharissa Parker is a news producer, writer, certified health coach and columnist for Startland News. For more of her self-care tips on how to keep your cup full, visit kparker.co. Editor’s note: This commentary on mental clarity continues Parker-Forte’s series on the 7 pillars of self-care, following spiritual alignment and emotional intelligence. SSometimes you might […]

The best smart hospitals in the world 2021

The best smart hospitals in the world 2021 The pandemic has put hospitals through the ultimate stress test. By forcing them to adapt to waves of COVID-19 patients, changing treatment protocols, faltering supply chains and a massive vaccine rollout, to name just a few of last year’s challenges, the outbreak showed the importance of advanced […]

The Arizona Clinic has a workaround for the abortion pill ban

By BOB CHRISTIE, Associated Press PHOENIX (AP) — A Phoenix abortion clinic has found a way for patients who can terminate their pregnancy on the pill to get the drug quickly without violating a revived Arizona law that bans most abortions. Under the agreement, which began Monday, patients in Arizona will have an ultrasound, receive […]

Buy aerosols at 35% off for the brand’s 35th anniversary

Birthday wishes are in order for Aerosoles! The footwear brand, founded in 1987, is celebrating 35 years and celebrating the occasion by offering 35% of all styles across the site, excluding pre-orders. Buyers can also get an extra 35% off on sale and discount outlet styles. Check out some of our favorite styles below and […]

Four health conditions linked to gum disease

Gum disease is among the most common chronic human diseases, affecting between 20 and 50% of people worldwide. They happen when plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, builds up on your teeth. The early stages of gum disease are treatable and reversible (gingivitis). But some people develop a chronic destructive form of gum disease, which […]

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