‘One of the most important’ trends in Korea

In the last few months, CosmeticsDesign Asia has reported that covering gray or white hair is one of the biggest opportunities in the South Korean hair care space, with titans like Amorepacific and LG Household & Health Care making big bucks from the trend.

The demand for gray hair coverage displaced the anti-hair loss trend, which was the top demand for consumers until last year, said Chon Sangchul, business manager of Seppic Korea.

Chon explained that this evolution highlights the ever-increasing importance of health among Korean consumers, pointing to the stronger correlation between health and beauty.

The emphasis on health has also been influenced by the clean beauty movement, which has permeated the Korean personal care landscape, influencing skin care, makeup and now hair care.

In particular, the clean beauty and health movement is fueling the demand for silicone-free hair care products.

“The silicone-free hair care trend is one of the most important trends in Korea, because the big trend is clean beauty, which is about health, safety and consideration for the environment,”Chon said.

As such, silicone-free alternatives are becoming increasingly important to the burgeoning Korean hair care market.

“The hair care market in Korea is really growing more than ever. Hair care, including shampoo, treatments and leave-on [products] grow fast’, Chon said.

This pushes cosmetic players to find an alternative to silicone, but given its formulation power, especially in hair care, it has been difficult to find real alternatives.

‘One of the most important’ trends in Korea

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