Officers race into restaurant to save choking baby

OCALA, Fla. (WFTV) – A Florida mother is grateful after the life of her week-old son was saved by police Sunday.

Alicia Shauf said she was feeding her infant when he suddenly turned purple. She called police, and they rushed into action the moment they arrived at the scene.

Ocala police responded to a Golden Corral, where 6-day-old Killian was choking on his mother’s milk.

Officer Hannah Patterson was first on the scene. She grabbed the baby from Shauf.

“Flip the child over and I just begin to pat,” Patterson said. “It’s all I do is just pat. My adrenaline is kicking in and I’m like ‘Oh my goodness, breathe child,’ and he made a noise and I’m like ‘Ooooh, OK he cried.’”

Officer Mike Coughlin then came in and took over.

“When I saw that baby it was purple and I thought it was dead and the last thing I wanted to do was to have a mother go through that, especially out in public,” he said.

Shauf said she had just tried to burp little Killian.

Coughlin said they continued to give the baby back pats, when color returned to his face again and his eyes started to open.

EMS then arrived, treated the baby and transported him to a hospital, where he continues to recover.

“We were just, ‘Wow, we really did that,’” Patterson said. “We really saved this kid, and to see how many people were appreciative of us… It makes me feel good to be in this profession.”

Coughlin said it was just part of their job.

“We have good situations, we have bad ones and luckily this was a good one,” he said.

Killian’s mother said her son was born prematurely. She said she was just thankful the officers responded so quickly and were able to help her baby.

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Officers race into restaurant to save choking baby

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