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Cutting out one food treats eosinophilic esophagitis as well as cutting out six, study finds

Eliminating animal milk alone from the diet of adults with eosinophilic esophagitis, or EoE, is as effective in treating the disease as eliminating animal milk plus five other common foods, one…

One in eight Americans over age 50 show signs of food addiction

Whether you call them comfort foods, highly processed foods, junk foods, empty calories, or just some of Americans’ favorite foods and drinks, about 13% of people ages 50 to 80 have an unhealthy…

Researchers are mapping the effects of dietary nutrients on disease

Researchers have developed a tool to predict the effects of different diets on both cancer cells and healthy cells in mice. Their work could help untangle the subtle metabolic changes that accompany…

Why a high-fat diet might impair the brain’s ability to regulate food intake

Regularly eating a high-fat/high-calorie diet can impair the brain’s ability to regulate calorie intake. New research in rats has shown that after short periods of a high-fat/high-calorie diet…

Amino acid serine supplementation alleviates neuropathy in diabetic mice

The study adds to growing evidence that some often underappreciated, “non-essential” amino acids play important roles in the nervous system. The findings may offer a new way to…

Residential green space is associated with higher birth weight

A new study assessed the associations between maternal exposure to green and blue spaces during pregnancy and birth outcomes in 11 birth cohorts from nine European countries, including Spain. The …

Loneliness associated with unhealthy diet and physical inactivity among US college students

Students reporting higher levels of loneliness also reported higher levels of sedentary behavior and low…

What Makes Brown Rice Healthy? Deciphering the chemistry of its nutritional wealth

The health benefits of brown rice are well known and widely advertised. But what exactly confers these excellent properties has been the subject of speculation until now. Researchers recently…

Body dissatisfaction can lead to eating disorders at any age

Eating disorders are stereotypically associated with adolescents and young adults. However, there is growing evidence that these conditions can occur at any time during a woman’s life,…

Reducing total calories may be more effective for weight loss than intermittent fasting

Timing from first meal to last meal was not associated with weight loss in a six-year study: Eating less overall and fewer large meals may be a more effective weight management strategy than…

Study examines the effects of dietary choline deficiency on neurological and system-wide health

Choline, an essential nutrient produced in small amounts in the liver and found in foods such as eggs, broccoli, beans, meat and poultry, is an essential ingredient for human health. A new study…

Nitrite additives associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds

Nitrites and nitrates occur naturally in water and soil and are commonly ingested through drinking water and dietary sources. They are also used as food additives to extend shelf life. An investigation …

Discovery of metabolic switch may lead to targeted treatment of obesity and cancer

Researchers have discovered how to modify the function of an enzyme critical to fat production in fruit flies, which could lead to more effective treatments for childhood cancer and obesity in…

Study reveals obesity-related trigger that can lead to diabetes

Researchers have found that a defect in an enzyme called APT1 interferes with the ability to secrete insulin, which contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes in people who are overweight or…

How better planning and behavioral regulation can lead to less fatty foods

New research suggests that coaching overweight or obese pregnant women to improve their ability to plan and progress toward goals may be key to helping them reduce the amount of fat in their…

Consciously or not, you are influenced by food cues anyway

A research team has discovered a difference in neural activity in response to visual food stimuli, depending on whether those stimuli are presented consciously or unconsciously. Using a questionnaire…

Fast food consumption linked to liver disease

A new study found that eating fast food is associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a potentially life-threatening condition in which fat accumulates in the…

What if sodium in packaged foods were reduced for an entire continent?

Reformulating packaged foods available in Australia to contain less sodium could save about 1,700 lives a year, according to a new study. With the help of the World Health Organization (WHO)…

The Nose Knows: study suggests it may be wise to screen for smell loss to predict frailty and unhealthy aging

In a study using data from nearly 1,200 older adults, researchers have added to a growing body of evidence that loss of sense of smell is a predictive marker of an increased risk of frailty if…

Education about genetic causes of eating behavior influences attitudes towards people with a higher weight

Education about the causes of gene-environmental eating behavior (GXE) may have beneficial downstream effects on attitudes toward higher-weight individuals. A recent study found that…

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Nutrition and Weight Loss News – ScienceDaily

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