Not too late for America’s “Golden Era,” says Heritage President

Americans must step up to save public education, strengthen families and revitalize a culture of living, says Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts in an interview featured on the new episode of his podcast.

It’s not too late to achieve a “golden era” in America rather than witness its “final chapter,” says Roberts.

“The work of the Heritage Foundation is to be the advocate for the American people behind enemy lines,” Roberts said in an interview with Jonathan Saenz, president of the nonprofit group Texas Values. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s multimedia news organization.)

“The most important thing we are working on [is that] We will spend every penny of our endowment fund defending freedom of religion, life and marriage,” he says.

The latest episode of The Kevin Roberts Show recalls this September interview in which Saenz interviewed Roberts during the Texas Faith, Family, and Freedom Forum in Austin.

Roberts, the seventh president of the Heritage Foundation, was previously the chief executive officer of the Texas Public Policy Center.

Speaking with Saenz, the former educator and college president says his vision for the Washington-based think tank includes a “more aggressive” legacy that, among other things, has expanded its reach with state legislatures.

“Because I know what time it is in America,” says Roberts, adding, “The far left is not only taking away our rights, they’re redefining what a man is, what a woman is. And we even have a Supreme Court Justice who doesn’t even know what a woman is.”

Roberts describes Heritage’s new role in shifting the “Overton window” of public acceptance on issues such as education, religious freedom and Supreme Court cases.

The President of Heritage particularly laments the state of education in America.

“We are radicalizing our students and weaponizing the noblest part of our noble experiment, which is that every single child in this country has an equal opportunity that begins with their education,” says Roberts. “It’s unfair and evil what’s happening in American schools and we better fucking fix it.”

In the interview, Roberts says his top priority is gaining more influence in promoting conservative political solutions at the state level through Heritage Action for America, the think tank’s grassroots activism arm.

Roberts also says heritage and conservatives in general need to remain active in the pro-life movement. This decision follows the Supreme Court’s June 24 ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overturning Roe v. Wade and the practice of on-demand abortion.

“We will continue to fight to be against life,” says Roberts to Saenz. “We’re going to win some state battles and lose some state battles. But the trajectory goes up.”

“If we root out the indoctrination that takes place in our schools, we root out the injustice of defining people by their skin color with critical racial theory,” he says, adding:

And [when] Coming back to the American schools that rank in the top 20 for literacy, numeracy, and writing, we can rest assured that America has emerged from these dark ages. We cannot enter the final chapter of American civilization, but a golden era that will emerge from this redemption.

Roberts invited listeners to get involved with The Heritage Foundation and use the think tank’s resources for “intellectual ammunition.”

Ken McIntyre contributed to this report.

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Not too late for America’s “Golden Era,” says Heritage President

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