NJ has first-of-its-kind capabilities for diagnosing and treating rare heart conditions

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, a health facility in RWJBarnabas, and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School said they recently established the Center for Cardiac Amyloidosis and Cardiomyopathy, located at the New Brunswick facility.

The multidisciplinary center seeks to diagnose patients with rare but potentially life-threatening amyloid conditions earlier, as well as treat them more effectively through personalized medicine.

Amyloidosis is a rare condition caused by an abnormal protein that builds up in organs such as the heart, kidneys, nerves or liver. Often misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed because of its subtle symptoms and multiorgan involvement, at least one type of amyloidosis can be fatal within six months.

Patients at the Center for Cardiac Amyloidosis and Cardiomyopathy at RWJUH will benefit from experts in a wide range of disciplines, including cardiology, neurology, hematology, nephrology, pathology and bone marrow transplantation. Clinical teams will work to identify forms of the disease and develop an effective, personalized treatment plan.

The Doctor. Sabahat Bokhari, an internationally recognized amyloidosis expert, will serve as director of the center, the first program of its kind in New Jersey. He joins as a professor in the Division of Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension, RWJMS, and will serve as the Director of Advanced Cardiac Imaging at RWJUH, as well as the Director of the Advanced Cardiac Imaging Fellowship Program.

Bokhari pioneered the development of a non-invasive imaging method called technetium pyrophosphate (Tc-99m PYP) which is used worldwide and recommended by the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association and American Society of Nuclear Cardiology for the evaluation of cardiac amyloidosis by transthyretin. He served as Director of Nuclear Cardiology and Advanced Cardiac Imaging at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and Lehigh Valley Heart and Vascular Institute. Bokhari has trained candidates from top-tier cardiology programs across the country.

“Amyloidosis can be a serious medical condition if not properly diagnosed,” explains Bokhari. “Our center combines expertise across a wide range of disciplines with the most advanced cardiac imaging capabilities to identify these conditions much earlier and develop individual patient treatment plans that will give patients the best chance to live longer, healthier lives. and active.”

The Doctor. Partho Sengupta, chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases and Hypertension at RWJMS, and chief of cardiology at RWJUH, adds: “Dr. Bokhari brings a wealth of knowledge in this field and the ability to dramatically impact the health of people in New Jersey and the region. A center like this can only exist in an academic medical center where there is broad expertise in many disciplines that can be brought together to benefit patients. The Doctor. Bokhari is enabling this for our state and beyond and will further our vision for academic medicine enabled by technology and collaboration.”

NJ has first-of-its-kind capabilities for diagnosing and treating rare heart conditions

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