New ‘SmileyG’ Teeth Whitening Clinic in Chehalis offers monthly services

March 17 – Given the Pacific Northwest’s reputation for sipping coffee, Andie Williams, 25, should have no trouble finding customers for her new Chehalis business, SmileyG Teeth Whitening.

Williams moved to the Twin Cities from Pocatello, Idaho, in January after her husband Ethan got a job in Chehalis for Northwest Farm Credit Services. The two also have an 8-month-old daughter named Gwendolyn.

Inspired by a cousin in Idaho, a dental hygienist who saw the need to whiten teeth outside of dental offices and bring home teeth whitening kits, Williams opened her new clinic last month.

“(My cousin) started this whole new approach to teeth whitening in a more spa-like environment,” Williams said. “It’s a quick and effective way to whiten your teeth.”

Aside from being able to avoid the dentist’s office, her clinic helps people save time because at-home teeth whitening kits can take weeks to show results, she said. Clients at SmileyG only need to go for about an hour at a time once a month to see results, according to Williams, according to Williams.

The process used by Williams involves applying a 16% hydrogen peroxide gel to each tooth and speeding up the whitening process with blue LED light.

“You do three to four rounds of 20 minutes under the light with the gel on your teeth. Those rounds are done one after the other with a rinse between each round,” said Williams, later adding: “I have I’ve had people whiten up to 10 shades whiter after being here for just over an hour for a single session.”

Since she only whitens teeth, no special license was needed to start in this business, but Williams was trained and certified by her cousin to safely apply the 16% hydrogen peroxide gel.

“The main concern is that the gel can’t really touch the gums because it can cause gum damage. I had to be trained quite extensively on how to apply it so that I don’t cause gum or tissue damage,” Williams said.

For those interested, the first teeth whitening appointments cost $150, then $100 for each subsequent appointment.

“Something I’m really trying to push, especially for coffee drinkers or wine drinkers, is something called the SmileyG Club,” Williams said.

Once a client has done their first whitening, they can sign up for the club where monthly follow-up appointments are only $45.

Teeth whitening at SmileyG is done by appointment only. Williams currently has a single chair and blue LED light set up so that only one person can get their teeth whitened at a time. She plans to expand and add a second chair and light in the future.

To schedule an appointment, contact Williams on Instagram at @smileygwhitening, via email at [email protected], or call 360-218-4177.

The SmileyG Teeth Whitening Clinic is located at 409 S. Market Blvd, suite #2, in Chehalis.

New ‘SmileyG’ Teeth Whitening Clinic in Chehalis offers monthly services

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