Natural and organic beauty: three key trends spotted at Vivaness 2022

Unsurprisingly for an organic beauty event, the quest for sustainability was the main driver of the market at Vivaness 2022. Sustainability concerns continue to grow among European consumers who faced record temperatures and unprecedented drought this summer. Within this overall framework, plastic-free and zero waste, the emergence of natural and sustainable oral care and local sourcing were the main trends that emerged on the show floor.

Plastic-free and zero waste

Solid cosmetics and zero waste concepts continued to be popular, with numerous new and independent brands introducing anhydrous/water-conscious products.

French solid beauty pioneer Lamazuna presented its new solid perfumes while fellow French brand Walk in Provence introduced a firm eye cream based on borage oil. The same goes for Italy Every day for the futurea recently launched vegan brand, presented a quartet of twist-up face and eye serums.

As for German companies, brand zero waste Nyok introduced a solid hand cream; 4 people who care showed a solid SPF50 sunscreen called Naseweiss; and CMD natural cosmetics joined the trend of powder products with a foaming powder cleanser for hair. Also, let’s not use the make-up removing glove based on natural plant fibers developed by an emerging beauty brand come. Startup with crowdfunding Fable‘s multifunctional make-up sticks are handmade in Berlin, based on fair trade shea butter and packaged in locally produced paper packaging. Ultimately, a DIY zero-waste beauty brand Hello Simplewhich started with deo creams in 2016, has also recently released a lip-and-cheek color stick.

Some Asian exhibitors were able to participate in the show. Among them was the Taiwanese beauty brand Naveen, which presented a sachet-free under-eye mask. The mask set in cardboard packaging contains dry under-eye masks and the serum is individually packaged in a glass vial.

Focus on oral care

The zero waste and anhydrous/water conscious trend has also driven product development in the oral care market. This product category was very prominent at Vivaness 2022, with many anhydrous toothpaste alternatives such as tooth cleaning powders and tablets.

Teeth loversfor example, introduced its range of four tooth cleaning powders with different flavors in late 2020, while a fellow German start-up tooth hero and the stylishly packaged vegan toothpastes and toothpaste tablets launched in 2021.

German brand Apeiron presented a new mint flavored tooth cleaning powder with cardamom, neem and cloves, while the Italian manufacturer Gala cosmeticsformulated their new Bio Happy Whitening Tooth Powder with charcoal powder, eucalyptus and ginger essential oils.

Plastic-free alternatives to manual toothbrushes and electric/sonic toothbrush attachments were also a big trend at Vivaness 2022. There were also several exhibitors showing plastic-free and/or vegan interdental brushes or dental floss.

Sweden The humbleone of the first European brands to launch manual toothbrushes with bamboo handles in 2013, presented its recently launched replacement electric toothbrush heads made entirely from renewable materials, including corn starch, bamboo and castor oil.

German brand Truemorrow which launched a few years ago also introduced replacement heads made from renewable raw materials, as well as plastic-free and vegan dental floss (packaged in your choice of glass or stainless steel).

Go local!

Localism was the third major trend visible on the show floor, with brands emphasizing locally sourced handmade small batches or focusing on locally sourced actives and botanicals.

Bavarian start-up brand Rose and Annfor example, produces rose hip seed oil from food waste rose hip kernels sourced from a local jam company. The upcycled, cold-pressed oils are then blended with plant stem cells.

Fellow local start-up Raw natural cosmetics produces its cold-pressed vegetable oil-based beauty products by hand. Based in Baden-Württemberg, the company says each product is based on a key oil, such as poppy seed, pumpkin seed, black cumin or hemp.

Spirit of Rugen is another recently launched German indie brand. The products are handmade on the small island of Rügen, which is famous for its white chalk cliffs, and several beauty products contain the famous healing Rügen chalk.

Dutch brand From Then Remedies presented classic European apothecary style healing balms and lotions in a modern organic interpretation. The range includes a self-warming soothing balm, cooling lotions for sore muscles, a healing arnica lotion and vegetable petroleum jelly.

With their new range, Naked, a German mass market beauty brand Hi Biological, showed that organic beauty can be just as functional as conventional cosmetic products. The new line offers micellar water, serum, enzyme peeling and face cream without fragrance components and with high percentages of targeted actives, such as vitamin C, azelaic acid, bakuchiol and zinc PCA.

The next Vivaness will take place on the usual winter dates, from February 14 to 17, 2023.

Natural and organic beauty: three key trends spotted at Vivaness 2022

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