Morristown wholesale liquidation store providing customers with baby formula

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WATE) — Millions of cans of baby formula will hit store shelves soon. However, according to an FDA release last week, it may not be the time frame parents or caretakers are hoping for.

The FDA Commissioner, Robert Califf, stated in the May 27 release, “Steps like the one the agency is taking today means more infant formula will be available to parents and caregivers in the weeks and months ahead. We will not rest until our shelves are replete with safe and nutritious infant formula.”

Samantha Manis, one of the managers of Morristown Livestock and Auction Co. said they may have what people are looking for now.

“It just so happened that all of this formula came in at the right time,” she said.

The wholesale liquidation store has more baby formula than what chains are able to offer now here in East Tennessee. Their supplies come from all over the country from stores that may be closing permanently or just trying to get rid of items, giving them the chance to provide the community with what they need.

“Just anywhere we can purchase something, and purchasing it cheap enough that it will help them (customers).”

None of the baby formula is close to expiring either. Most in the store don’t have an expiration date sooner than next year. It’s a stock they hope will make it easier on those that are currently in need.

“We’re just here to help people in the community,” Manis said.

Formula in the store is priced around $4 to $10 dollars depending on the size of the can. Managers also want to allow everyone in need the opportunity to purchase the formula, so there may be a limit on how many you can purchase.

Another thing the store is willing to do is ship formula to any customers who may be too far to come to the store physically and is in desperate need. Manis said you can contact the store and make that request to see if they will be able to.

Morristown Livestock & Auction Co. is located at 1041 Buffalo Trail, and you can call the store at 423-353-4230 and ask for Samantha’s assistance if you have any questions or requests.

Morristown wholesale liquidation store providing customers with baby formula

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