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When you hear the words “artificial intelligence,” your mind may instantly go to robots, Alexa, Elon Musk, or even movies like “I, Robotand the more recent “M3GAN,” about an artificially intelligent doll that develops self-awarenessand begins to live a dangerous life of his own. Whether we’re watching nonfiction stories about cyborgs on the big screen or driving a Tesla, AI technology is transforming our everyday lives and a variety of industries. It is here to stay and making a big impact.

With the growing popularity of AI, experts say it could revolutionize even more industries than it already is. We have seen this rise in popularity and technological advancements thanks to heavy investment by tech giants. Priority research reports that the global artificial intelligence market size in 2022 was estimated at $119.78 billion; by 2030, it is expected to reach $1,591.03 billion. That’s some serious income!

Although there is a long journey ahead in terms of what it will achieve, the technological advancement is something that needs to be acknowledged.

Let’s take a look at two of the industries AI is dominating – medical and dental – including its impact and benefits.

The impact of AI on dental practices and hospitals

AI is truly making dentistry and healthcare more efficient and comfortable, and its impact on both industries has already been life-changing. Although the goal of this technology is to achieve cheaper and more efficient healthcare, it will not replace doctors or staff with machines, but work alongside them.

National Library of Medicine states that when it comes to dentistry, especially endodontics, AI can mimic human intelligence to make complex predictions and decision-making. It exhibits accuracy and precision in disease detection, evaluation and prediction.

Likewise, AI technology is quickly making its way into hospitals. It drives innovations in surgery, clinical operations, data management and drug development, revolutionizing the healthcare sector. Most of the robots used in hospitals are not fully automated, but show great potential in changing the way medical procedures are performed. Healthcare professionals cannot deny the precision that rivals the most skilled surgeons. Leveraging these types of results ensures a permanent place for this technology in healthcare and other fields.

According to Statesman, the artificial intelligence market was worth around $11 billion worldwide in 2021 and has continued to grow. Again, artificial intelligence really earns that profit!

Benefits of using AI in dentistry and healthcare

The development of this type of technology has a profound effect on the overall well-being and careers of dentists and healthcare professionals. Since dental practices and hospitals have implemented AI, staff have seen their workplaces change: not only can these professionals work further into their careers if they want, but by using AI to supplement their practice, they can work faster and more accurately . This in turn can reduce costs and the number of medical errors.

Patients are also seeing the benefits of their dental clinics and hospitals upgrading to this type of technology. Staff can get more information to them more quickly. Patients can also see results or diagnoses themselves instead of just being told by staff. Other smart technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and telehealth appointments are being used to reduce anxiety and stress associated with healthcare procedures and in-person visits.

Rushi Ganmukhi, Founder and CEO of AI disease, was one of the many people in the technology field who saw a gap that needed to be filled and used his expertise to fill it. He is kill the dental tech game with Bola AIs Voice Perio software and Clinical notes solution that provides a truly contactless office experience for dentists, hygienists and office staff.

With support from dental giants such as Curve Dental, Verified, Henry Schein One, and a user satisfaction score of 4.6/5, Bola AI’s 99 percent accurate voice technology is breaking new ground for patient charting. A study from 2022 with Heartland Dental found the following results:

  • 14X ROI ($1,550 monthly costs vs. $22,500 in additional income).
  • 1 hour per day of staff time saved (based on three hygienists per office).
  • 63 percent more streamlined (Hygienists who used another team member to record probing results decreased by 63 percent).
  • $36,000 more treatment income per office.

To achieve such results, Bola.AI tailors its technology to specific and structured data entry tasks. This makes it easier for everyone – and the best part is that the technology creates happier hygienists, assistants and patients.

Technology is constantly evolving

As experts continue to make this technology better and better by having it in our dental practices, hospitals and other offices will create efficiencies we have never known before. Integrating artificial intelligence will increase not only revenue, but also the morale of the staff and patients who work alongside this technology. Who wouldn’t want a better quality of life for themselves and their patients? Everyone benefits from it. How amazing that technology is constantly evolving and can make this possible! Learn more about the basics of artificial intelligence at and

Maddie Mosley is a project manager at Stage Marketing, a full-service content marketing agency based in Provo.


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Money Matters: Move over ChatGPT — AI is coming for a byte of the medical and dental industry | News, sports, jobs

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