Miona tries a new style with ‘First Haircut in America’

90-day fiancé Miona Bell is known for her sleek ponytails, but the season 9 star introduces a new hairstyle that’s soft, sleek and chic.

Miona Bell from 90 day fiance Fame recently showed the results of the first haircut she got since moving to the US, and she looks like a completely new woman. The Serbian native debuted on 90 day fiance season 9 along with her husband Jibri Bell. But the duo was not a hit with viewers. Many were quick to call the pair “battle fighters,” and it has been speculated that much of their storyline was staged.

While viewers disagreed with Jibri’s wild antics and bad attitude, especially on Tell All, Miona gained more fame for her sense of style. Before the season even started, Miona was called to blackfish by fans and changed her appearance to look black. Many viewers disagreed with what they saw as cultural appropriation and left strongly worded comments on her social media posts. However, there are some fans who like Miona’s style, which gave rise to the 90 day fiance star to launch her own beauty brand, Miona Beauty. If Jibri and Miona are to be believed, Miona’s ponytail extensions and makeup brushes are hugely popular and make the couple a kill.


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While slicked-back ponytails are her signature look, Miona recently debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram. In one story, Miona shared a photo of herself after getting her “first haircut in America.” The season 9 star is clearly enamored with her hair and the work her stylist did. Miona said her hairdresser had “magic handsand recommended her to anyone in the Coachella Valley area. “Now I want to go back every week?‘ joked Miona. Miona’s new haircut is unlike anything fans have seen her before. Rather than straight hair or tight curls, the loose waves Miona is currently rocking make her almost unrecognizable to fans who used to see her on the show.

Miona is arguably one of the most image-conscious cast members to ever appear in the franchise, so a style change of this magnitude is remarkable. Perhaps Miona was beginning to feel too limited with her signature ponytail, and her own mini makeover is a sign that she wants to expand her brand to include other hair products. If she can prove herself as a style chameleon and successfully pull off a wide variety of looks, that could encourage more fans to trust her products to realize their own hair dreams.

Miona’s move to a new style may not be a calculated brand and business decision, but rather a simple desire to change one’s appearance. Sometimes even the most stylish can feel stuck in a rut, and a fresh new haircut can be just the thing to boost confidence. Miona has been in the US for quite some time, so if this really is her first haircut since moving to America, she should have definitely waited a long time. Maybe if the 90 day fiance star will continue to experiment with her style and focus less on trying to look like someone else, she will gain more fans eager to support her.

Source: Miona Bell/Instagram

Miona tries a new style with ‘First Haircut in America’

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