Media write the ‘Yeh toh katam ho gaya hai’

Actor comedian Kapil Sharma made his acting comeback with the Nandita Das director Zwigato. In recent days, the actor has been busy promoting his film and preparing for its release. Zwigato was released in theaters on March 17. Prior to the film’s release, Kapil sat down with us for a heart-to-heart with director Nandita Das and co-star Shahana Goswami.

Kapil Sharma talks about fighting depression and drinking problems

In an exclusive interview, the Zwigato actor opened up about his battle with depression. He also addressed media reports about his drinking problem. Kapil said many would ask him how he handled it. Sharma even revealed that he was also worried about inviting his mother from Amritsar to Mumbai amidst the media reports of his media problem.

Kapil told Bollywood Bubble, “Main sachi batau, mujhe bade saare log puchte hai ke ‘Aap us phase mein se bahar kaise nikle?’. ‘Wow, aapki courage hai’ maine kuch nahi kiya. Because, kuch cheese aise hoti hai ke unko time pe chod dena chahiye. Waqt ke saath shayad apne monkey hi theek hoti hai. (Frankly everyone asks me ‘How did you get out of that phase?’ ‘Wow, you showed courage’. I didn’t do anything. Because, there are things, we have to leave it in time. just with the pace of the time).

Commenting on media reports of his alcohol problem, Sharma added: “The media started writing me ‘Yeh toh Daaru Mein Hi Dooba Rehta Hai’. Yeh toh khatam ho gaya hai’. Meri maa Amritsar mein thi, main toh bula hi nahi raha tha unko. (When the media started writing reports like ‘He drowned in alcohol. He’s done. My mother was in Amritsar and I didn’t call her here for the same).

He continued, “Because, woh aayengi toh woh dekhengi ki haan yeh pee raha hai. Aur mohar lag jaegi jo likh rahe the log. But, as bad as it is, write the same. This cheese did not hit me. Meri Maa tak jab yeh baatein pohochi. (Because if she came here, she’d see me drinking. And it would put a stamp on what the media wrote. But they used to make a mountain out of a molehill and write. Those things started to get to me. These things reached my mother).

The Zwigato actor added: “Jab monkey theek karne jaate ho na un cheezon ko, woh aur waste hoti jaati hai i think. Because monkey sahi mood mein nahi rehte ho. Monkey uss samay peace mein nahi rehte ho. (If you want to make things right, they just get wasted more. Because you’re not in that state of mind. You’re not at peace).”

On the work front, Kapil is known for his show, The Kapil Sharma Show.

Meanwhile, Bollywood Bubble gave Zwigato a two and a half star rating in the review, adding further praise to Kapil for his performance. Read the Zwigato review HERE.

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Media write the ‘Yeh toh katam ho gaya hai’

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