Luxury membership 5 Stars Medical Club embraces Web 3.0 in connection with medical blockchain project CARE

TOKYO, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 5 Stars Medical Club, a luxury membership healthcare facility operated by Well Medical Group Co., Ltd., which owns and operates Clinic 9ru cosmetic dermatology clinic and The Prevention Clinic Tokyo VIP health screening clinic, both located on the 4th floor of The Peninsula Tokyo, has partnered with CARE, a blockchain technology-based healthcare project.

CLINIC 9ru (PRNewsfoto/Well Medical Group Co., Ltd.)

PREVENTION CLINIC TOKYO (PRNewsfoto/Well Medical Group Co., Ltd.)

PREVENTION CLINIC TOKYO (PRNewsfoto/Well Medical Group Co., Ltd.)

About the partnership

In today’s healthcare sector, electronic medical records that store diagnostic results and treatments are still administered by the individual clinics, with the result that a patient’s medical history is lost when the patient changes clinics, and the various tests must be re-administered with respect to determine the patient’s condition and course of treatment.

The goal of the CARE project is to streamline the handling of medical information and democratize data through the use of blockchain technology, so that patients themselves can manage and share their personal information, including their medical data. 5 Stars Medical Club supports this vision and has partnered with the project.

5 Stars Medical Club will conduct demonstration tests, including handling medical data in collaboration with the CARE project, with the vision of realizing the utilization of NFT and bill settlement using a proprietary token.

About the CARE project and the clinics

The goal of the CARE project is to democratize data by enabling patients to manage their own private information, including their medical data, through the use of soul-bound tokens, or SBT, a publicly verifiable and non-transferable nonfungible token (NFT) that represents a person’s credentials and it depends on blockchain technology.

About the clinics

“preventive health screening, a new approach to health care”

Instead of discovering a disease when it is already well underway, this method discovers the signs and cause of any disease at an early stage and works to eliminate it or prevent it from developing by providing lifestyle guidance and treatment aimed at cell function. By doing so, patients will be able to choose between new preventive treatments such as immune cell therapy or blood purification therapy without undergoing major surgery or painful treatments that would force them to sacrifice their social lives.

“Treating the signs of aging in preparation for the future”

The clinic takes it to the next level when it comes to skin aging with state-of-the-art, world-class laser equipment proven to be highly effective in treating dark spots, pores and dull skin and removing unwanted hair. .

A completely private room, luxury service, club for members only

A members-only luxury medical club established in March 2021

The owner and operator of CLINIC 9ru with its pioneering world-class anti-aging treatment and medical skin care and THE PREVENTIVE CLINIC TOKYO, the next generation of health screening clinics that address future risks using advanced genetic testing technology. Both clinics are located on 4th floor of The Peninsula Tokyo.

・4th Floor, The Peninsula Tokyo, 1-8-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 100 0006
・Tel.: 0120-973-244

Media contacts CARE Project PR office

Contact persons: Watanabe, Fukushima, Matsuda phone. +81 (0)3-5572-6072 Fax: 03-5572-6075

Mobile: +81 (0)50-5236-0395 (Watanabe) email: [email protected]

SOURCE Well Medical Group Co., Ltd.

Luxury membership 5 Stars Medical Club embraces Web 3.0 in connection with medical blockchain project CARE

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