Lunchtime Shop: Super-rich moisturizers to combat dry winter skin

10 of the most nourishing ointments to ensure that the skin remains soft, smooth and supple in the cold season.

10 of the most nourishing ointments to ensure that the skin remains soft, smooth and supple in the cold season.

I don’t care what the calendars or the thermometers say. Winter is here, I can tell by the only barometer that matters: my cheeks.

Overnight, my usually dewy cheeks have dried out to sunken cushions that become more dehydrated by the hour.

And evidence of winter skin isn’t limited to just the buccal area. There are crusty cracks on either side of my mouth and what can only be described as flaking on the tip of my nose.

My skin is crying out for a hydrating skin cream – if yours is too, these rich, hydrating moisturizers will make short work of revitalizing pale skin.

Emma Lewisham supernatural face cream riche, $158

This cream not only feels wonderfully velvety soft, but also delivers 32 skin-firming and moisturizing ingredients for your face. Ceramides strengthen the skin barrier and lock in the deep hydration provided by six types of Hyaluronic Acid. Perfect for applying at night, on frosty mornings or long flights.

Weleda Skin Nutrition, $25

This recognizable green tube contains a blend of nourishing vegetable oils, lanolin and beeswax mixed with skin-soothing botanical extracts. Skin Food is usually used to soothe the entire face, but is also great for clearing up those random flaky patches of dry skin that can pop up in the winter months.

Kit: Melatonin Night Balm, $50

This soothing balm dilutes into a pliable elixir as it is massaged into your skin. Formulated with melatonin to fight free radicals and scented with a soft lavender scent, this is a calming and luxuriously calming addition to your nightly breeze.

Glow Lab Water Gel Moisturizing Cream, $25

A water gel is an ultra-moisturizing option for those with oilier skin who may be overwhelmed by a heavier formula. Glow Lab’s new water gel is oil-free, but fortified with hyaluronic acid to replenish skin’s water levels in an efficient, lightweight way. Like a big gulp of water for your face.

Go-To Very Luxe Face Cream, $90

It’s actually all in the name. This is a deeply replenishing moisturizer designed to leave your skin feeling firmer, smoother and plumped. The ingredient list includes ceramides and moisture-absorbing humectants to fight signs of dehydration by boosting the skin’s ability to retain water.

Dr Jart + Cicapair Soothing Gel Cream, $54

If you have sensitive skin that can get irritated in cold weather, this is a good soothing cream to try.

Centella Asiatica, also known as tiger grass, acts as the calming botanical ingredient in Korean skincare line Dr Jart+’s Cicapair ranges, but this tube also contains glycerin to draw moisture up through the skin’s layers and niacinamide for visible skin benefits. I keep a tube of this pale green gel in my bathroom cabinet to soothe my skin if I’ve ever overdone it with heavy exfoliators.

Revolution Skincare x Sali Hughes Cream Drench Rich Anytime Moisturiser, $31

Candid beauty expert and journalist Sali Hughes’ skincare adventure is pleasantly no-nonsense. Like the rest of the range, this affordable moisturizer is not luxurious, but it is effective. The rich cream in this purple jar is especially suitable for dry skin types and is packed with glycerin, ceramides, squalane, grapeseed oil and shea butter. It can also be used as a primer for ultra-thirsty faces.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $74

Made with colloidal oatmeal, this intense moisturizer hydrates dry patches without irritating the skin. An ideal formula for people with eczema or other inflammatory skin conditions.

Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hours 50ml, $84

A perennial favorite with those looking for a lightweight gel moisturizer that provides long-lasting hydration, this moisture-quenching gel-cream claims to keep skin hydrated for 100 hours.

Trilogy Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream 75ml, $57

This easily absorbable and anti-oxidant rich face cream succeeds in exceptionally moisturizing without leaving the skin feeling greasy.

Lunchtime Shop: Super-rich moisturizers to combat dry winter skin

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