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Leading medical tourism hospitals to promote Malaysia’s healthcare brand on a global scale

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – May 26, 2023 – Led by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Program is an integral part of the five-year Malaysia Healthcare Travel Industry Blueprint. This first-of-its-kind program has seen Malaysia’s leading private medical establishments increase their commitment and efforts to raise the bar of excellence in providing exceptional end-to-end services to their patients, all with the aim of strengthening Malaysia’s position as a safe and trusted for world-class healthcare and elevating excellence in medical and service offerings.

This is in line with the Malaysian Ministry of Health’s efforts to strengthen the country’s health ecosystem. “I believe the Flagship program will promote innovation and excellence in medical services, while bringing us closer to a more resilient healthcare system for the country and establishing Malaysia Healthcare as a credible and world-renowned global healthcare brand” , added Dr. Zaliha Mustafa, Minister of Health of Malaysia.

Four pre-selected finalist medical tourism hospitals were announced in April, namely the National Heart Institute (Institut Jantung Negara or IJN), Island Hospital, Mahkota Medical Center and Subang Jaya Medical Center.

According to Datuk, Dr. Aizai Azan bin Abdul Rahim, Executive Director of IJN, the Leading Hospital Medical Tourism Program provides a platform to support the national agenda of making Malaysia a top travel destination for healthcare. “In addition to maintaining quality healthcare, we aspire to bring the latest technologies and techniques to the benefit of the public. This is critical to ensuring that we are at the forefront of clinical excellence and in people’s minds so they can be sure they receive the best cardiac care,” he said.

Mr. Mark Wee, Executive Director of Island Hospital, found that the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital program aligned well with the hospital’s vision for growth. “We conceived Island Medical City in 2016 as our commitment to taking medical tourism in Malaysia to the next level. This ambitious project marks Island Hospital’s evolution into a leading regional provider of quaternary healthcare, offering best-in-class care to our patients. This vision fits perfectly with the goals of the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital program. With the opening of our new facility, Peel Wing, in 2022, we are poised to reach our goal of healthcare travelers representing up to 80% of our revenue in the coming years,” he shared.

Mr. Stanley Lam, CEO of Mahkota Medical Center, spoke about the hospital’s commitment to strengthening the country’s healthcare ecosystem. “We are one of the largest and most comprehensive hospitals in Southern Peninsula Malaysia. The investments we will make through this program will further strengthen Mahkota Medical Center as one of the most highly regarded referral hospitals in Southeast Asia and better serve local and regional communities. Our expansion plans include a beautiful waterfront location located in the heart of Melaka, a UNESCO world heritage site,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bryan Lin, CEO of Subang Jaya Medical Center, expressed his hope to contribute to the growth of the country’s medical travel industry. “We see the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital program as an opportunity for collaboration and growth, not just for Subang Jaya Medical Center, but for Malaysian healthcare around the world. Through this Program, we expect to strongly contribute to the growth of the health travel market by at least 30% per year. We are excited to take our capabilities to the next level to become a top choice destination for health travel,” he said.

Pre-selected finalists were carefully selected through an extensive and rigorous 2022 qualification process, which involved data analysis and on-site assessments by international bodies Joint Commission International (JCI) and IQVIA, and advanced to the next phase of the program. , the Acceleration Period , which is from 2023 to 2025. During this period, they will receive several incentives, including rapid facilitation to support development milestones, flexibility to test concepts with health technology sandbox, access to program mentors / consultants that will help with program development, evaluation and monitoring of progress, and a special Investment Tax Provision (ITA) to qualify capital expenditures.

Malaysia, a popular global destination for health travelers, has won numerous awards, including the coveted “Destination of the Year” title by the UK health travel authority International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) numerous times over the past few years. The country attracted 1.22 million health travelers in 2019. With countries around the world heading towards endemicity, that number is expected to increase.

With Malaysia Healthcare on track to deliver the “Best Healthcare Travel Experience by 2025”, it is imperative that the country strengthens its position on the global frontier. “The Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Program acts as a catalyst to accelerate the global recognition of Malaysian healthcare by empowering our private healthcare institutions to identify gaps and areas for improvement along the end-to-end patient journey and address them. , guided by international standards and benchmarks,” said Farizal bin Jaafar, Acting Executive Director of MHTC.

See https://youtu.be/3CarQ0JEIrs to learn more about the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital program.

For more information about Malaysia Healthcare and its services, visit https://malaysiahealthcare.org/ or visit their social feeds at: www.facebook.com/MHTCMalaysia or on LinkedIn (Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council).
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The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) is a government agency under the Malaysian Ministry of Health that has been tasked with the responsibility of curating the country’s healthcare travel scene. Established in 2009, MHTC works to streamline industry players and service providers to facilitate and grow Malaysia’s medical travel industry under the brand name “Malaysia Healthcare” with the aim of making Malaysia the leading global healthcare destination . The MHTC works closely with over 80 private healthcare facilities in Malaysia who are registered members of the MHTC.

Leading Medical Tourism Hospitals to Promote Malaysia’s Healthcare Brand on a Global Scale – Media OutReach Newswire

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