Kyla Pratt reveals her beauty and wellness practices

Is there something about your makeup or beauty routine that might surprise people?

That I barely do anything? [Laughs] I think that’s one of the things that would surprise people. I am constantly asked, “What am I doing?” And honestly, I feel like hydration is really important. There’s a lot of water that doesn’t really hydrate us the way we need it. A lot of [different] water brands out there contain chemicals and things to make us want to drink their water. You need to hydrate properly with the right type of water. I like to drink spring water. But hydration is definitely key – I don’t know if that will come as a surprise to anyone. I have found this other product that I enjoy using. It’s called the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removal Cleansing Balm ($36). When I’m on set, I have so much makeup on my face. The fact that I can put some on my hands, rub it together, basically just wash my face and then grab a towel and see it all just come off – it’s one of my favorites!

It sounds like you’ve been super busy filming on set Call me Kat! How was your filming schedule? Do you have any beauty or self-care practices that help you stay grounded with such a busy schedule?

Yes! If I tell you this schedule was crazy… One of my favorite things I haven’t been able to do is train consistently. It’s been hard because of our schedule and because of everything that’s going on. … One thing that’s part of my beauty regimen is making sure I get some sort of physical fitness. I also just finished a cleaning. I’m one of those people who just knows when I need a reboot. I know if I’ve done too much it’s time to do a reset. I have a small salad here. I also do stretches, try to integrate yoga, and make sure I take time for myself morning and night, even if it’s just 20 minutes to get up and take a deep breath and stretch. Stretching is so important in the morning, folks. If you don’t, start now.

As you get older, your body just stops doing things you could [normally] doing. I tell people it’s not about getting older because the number is nothing. It’s what you stop doing because you get older. We all come here as babies in a womb, and you’re in a ball. As babies, we’re so flexible, and we do all these things, but then we lose it because we don’t keep doing it. It is the same as being a child and playing different sports. As adults, we are so caught up in our work lives that we forget some of the things we need to do to take care of ourselves and that make us feel good physically. So stretching is very important, especially after sleeping and your body has been in a tense position. That’s something I always try to incorporate, and I wish I meditated more. I try to be more on top of it because sometimes I don’t know how to close my mind. That’s something I’m definitely working on. Take the time to do things for you that are important to your well-being and how you feel. And in the end, that will benefit everyone around you.

You’re obviously incredibly busy, but there’s one more project I’d like to talk about. We are so excited about the reboot of The proud familyyou! How does it feel to bring back one of your most iconic characters, Penny Proud?

It feels absolutely amazing. I keep telling people that fans of the show back in the day are so excited, and we as a show family are so excited because when the show was over, we always felt like there was more to it – we had unfinished business. To be able to come back and play a character that you played 20 years ago, not many artists can enjoy that kind of feeling and see how you’ve grown personally, you know? I’m excited a show like The proud family: louder and prouder is there because we are a show that doesn’t shy away from subjects. We talk about anything and everything, and we’re so big on representation.

I’m glad we got the chance to do it. I’m glad people are so receptive and enjoying it. This time we can be recognized for the work we do and have more conversations than ever before. I’m just excited to be in this position. Our show has been nominated for an Emmy, and it’s a good feeling to know people are watching and enjoying it.

Here’s a fun question for you. If Penny Proud had a skincare routine, what would she use?

I think Rihanna is her cousin. [Laughs] I think she’d have all of Fenty’s, and I think she’d probably be a little extra with her birthmark — she’d make sure that birthmark was dark enough. She would also moisturize because that’s what I teach!

Kyla Pratt reveals her beauty and wellness practices

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