Keep It Local: Amy Hager, Diet and Nutrition

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You may know Amy Hager from her work at Colorado Mountain Living, but what you didn’t know is that she’s the sole owner of most of her businesses, including Amy Hager, RDN, which she started in 2013 when Hager was eager to escape the regulated healthcare industry.

She was keen to learn the ins and outs of starting a practice as a dietitian. Hager runs an insurance-based telehealth nutrition practice, helping clients who are working to improve health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

As a registered dietitian, she works with insurance companies to advise clients on nutrition. For those who weren’t aware, it’s common for many plans to provide 100% coverage for medical nutrition therapy, even for multiple, ongoing appointments.

As far as Hager knows, there is no other registered Peak to Peak area registered dietitian in the network with multiple insurance plans. Telehealth (video visits) is offered as a primary method for consultations. A huge benefit is that, as is so often the case in this field, access to health care can be affected by geographic location and weather conditions.

Although Hager is the only employee, it covers more than just Colorado. She is self-taught in business, has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition, and is a certified health coach and diabetes educator. Who better to provide nutritional advice?

Unlike a lot of companies, Hager’s business was kicked off by Covid. She took a three-year break from private practice when she and her husband moved to Colorado five years ago, not sure about having local work in a rural setting.

Hager admits, “I was doing virtual work as a nutritionist during the pandemic, and then I listened to other dietitians discuss how insurance covers telehealth. I quit my job (yes, during the pandemic) and took steps to reopen my nutrition practice, this time in Colorado. In the year In the past, I’ve maxed out with virtual client visits from Colorado, Arizona and Virginia.”

With increased activity in the first two quarters of the year, Hajar expects her telehealth work to be seasonal. However, running a personal business provides Heger with the opportunity to be flexible. That’s what you love about it.

When asked what her favorite part about what she does, she happily replies, “I love guiding clients through behavior change and seeing how empowering they are to achieve the goals they set. It’s great to hear about their victories and accomplishments.”

To learn more, visit Find Amy Hager, RDN on social media at Amy Hager can be reached by phone at 919-272-7350.

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Keep It Local: Amy Hager, Diet and Nutrition

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