Joy-Anna Duggar dragged for having a newborn in the heat while farming with the family

Selfie Joy Anna Duggar.
Joy-Anna Duggar has been called out for some parenting choices. Photo credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed baby Gunner a week ago.

The mom-of-three shared sweet photos of her newborn as her two older children adjust to their new roles with a toddler.

One of the adventures Joy shared with followers was farming as a family. She shared a carousel of images featuring Austin Forsyth on a tractor with Evelyn. There were also some photos of Gunner and his little hands as a baby.

While it seemed to be a fun family outing while spending time outdoors, having a newborn warm just a week after he was born didn’t settle for some of his followers.

This is nothing new for the Duggar family, but the critics seem to be in full force when a new little one is born.

Joy captioned her part, “Bailing hay today 🚜☀️ The kids had to drive tractors and learned the process of storing hay for the winter. 💛 👀 little baby fingers.”

Joy-Anna Duggar called about letting Gunner out in the heat

This year has been unusually warm for many states, and Arkansas is likely seeing some of these weather patterns.

Joy-Anna Duggar included two photos of Gunner on the ride. One presumably showed him wearing only a diaper, and the other with his little fingers showed him wearing a white onesie.

One commenter called out the Counting On star, writing, “You shouldn’t be home out of the scorching sun with a newborn 🔥”

Someone replied, “@carmenbailey2544, as a pediatric nurse, I agree with you.

Followers call Joy-Anna Duggar
Joy-Anna Duggar gets called out for letting Gunner out in the heat. Photo credit: @joy4site/Instagram

And not only was the subject of Gunner being hot addressed, but followers also came for Joy and Austin Forsyth for not requiring Evelyn to wear shoes while on the tractor and around the farm equipment.

One follower wrote, “Kids are adorable, but bare feet on a tractor and on a farm are a recipe for big trouble. Take it from someone who grew up in the countryside.

Another concurred, saying: ‘Little girl needs shoes when around farm equipment, please be careful! Cute pictures with dad.

Followers called out Joy for Evelyn not wearing shoes.
Joy-Anna has been called about security issues. Photo credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar gets a lot of criticism

This isn’t the first time followers and critics have come for Joy-Anna Duggar and her parents.

There was a lot of flak after Gideon was born when Joy and Austin Forsyth lived in an RV.

He’s usually a good sport about it, he rarely cheers. Even many fans take it in the comments.

However, Joy is no Jessa, so don’t expect epic cheers.

Joy-Anna Duggar dragged for having a newborn in the heat while farming with the family

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