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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “social media”? Only Instagram? That they are harmful? Useless?

There is widespread stigma surrounding social media. It is believed that these platforms are the worst for teenagers. Yet few people recognize the amount of positivity teens and young adults can find on social media.

Social media can give teens a sense of connection and love that they may not get in their daily lives. They can connect people with careers, creative outlets, connections, etc.

Social media can help people expand their careers and improve their lives. Social media can have some flaws. but if you look closely at their structure, they really do impact people’s lives in so many positive ways.

When we talk about social media, some people automatically think of the negative reactions to posts or the ‘haters’ that are spread all over the internet. Those comments and people only represent certain parts of social media; if you want to see the true intentions, you have to dig deeper into the benefits of social media and the internet.

Using and building a social media platform helps people grow in their career field and make connections for their future – even at a young age.

I use social media to book internships and shadowing experiences that will ultimately help me in my future career. Without these resources, we would not have the opportunities available to most teens through the Internet.

Social media can also help teens find people they relate to and understand. It’s no secret that so many teens and young adults around the world struggle during these years of their lives. Social media can provide a crucial support system that some people can’t otherwise find in their “friends,” school, sports, community, and even family. They may find solace in using the internet to find friends who share the same interests, play the same musical instrument or play the same sport, etc.

When used properly, social media can be beneficial to younger generations. For example, social media is used to teach very young children letters, numbers and other knowledge they need, even before they start primary school.

Social media and the internet are crucial outlets for the growth and progress of our society. We need to stop weaponizing social media and recognize their importance and value in our society.

Ella Hauer is in 11th grade at Solanco High School.

Is social media really that bad? [column] | Local voices

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