Is green coffee really useful?

Is green coffee really worth the hype, especially when it comes to weight loss? What about caffeine and calories? The drink certainly sounds interesting and has also become very popular among fitness enthusiasts, but how much of it is actually beneficial.

Just when you couldn’t make up your mind about black coffee or latte, another kind of coffee came along that has already become very popular among fitness enthusiasts, and its fame is increasing day by day. You guessed it, we are talking about green coffee. For the uninitiated, it is coffee in unroasted form. In other words, it does not undergo the roasting process like other coffee beans. Because of this, they have a higher amount of chlorogenic acid, which is said to have tremendous health benefits. These beans are also light green in color and today you can find green coffee pots and pouches in supermarkets and online everywhere. But are they really worth the hype, especially when it comes to weight loss? What about caffeine and calories? But first, let’s understand the general health benefits of the drink.

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Chlorogenic acid is said to have many beneficial effects on the body, including controlling hypertension. According to certain studies, the roasting process of coffee beans reduces the chlorogenic acid content in the beans. With green coffee bean extract, you keep chlorogenic acid intact and control your cortisol levels, which further helps control your blood pressure and keep your heart healthy.

Not only blood pressure, it also helps prevent blood sugar fluctuations. According to a study, when combined with healthy eating habits, drinking green coffee bean extract three to four times a day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 30%. It goes without saying that green coffee also contributes to keep you rejuvenated. The caffeine content in a glass of green coffee and black coffee is more or less the same. Green coffee is also known to be a natural mood booster, as it facilitates the release of dopamine, the “feel good hormone.”

And now we come to the big question, ‘what about weight loss’?: “Drinking coffee is a common way people choose to boost their weight loss. The caffeine in coffee helps athletes complete their intense workouts while stimulating thermogenesis. The temporary reduction in the desire to eat helps keep you from munching on your favorite snack and packing on the calories,” says nutritionist and yoga expert Namit Tyagi, who is also Chief Product Officer at Neuherbs.

A lot also depends on how you drink your coffee. If you cut back on dairy and cut sugar out of the equation, a cup of green coffee is just as nutritious as the “low-cal” drinks you choose to consume. “The recommended dose is 1 cup of green coffee per day (half an hour before a meal if you want to lose weight or half an hour after a meal to control blood sugar levels). It can also be substituted as a morning drink to boost metabolism and as a pre/post workout drink to feel energized. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee also supports weight loss by boosting metabolism and accelerating fat loss,” adds Namit.

Is green coffee really useful?

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