Indiana ranks 28th in child well-being. We can do better

This time of year, the Indianapolis-based Indiana Youth Institute (IYI) releases its Kids Count Data Book, a detailed look at a mountain of statistics reflecting the lives of young Hoosiers.

It reveals opportunities and achievement gaps among students, signaling where work on behalf of Indiana’s children should focus. It also illustrates the often disproportionate and disparate outcomes for historically marginalized youth: racial/ethnic minorities, low-income youth, LGBTQ+, youth with disabilities, and immigrant youth.

In a statewide series of presentations and conversations called State of the Child, IYI’s data team provides a more nuanced understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing Indiana’s children.

The beginning of the State of Childhood presentations each year is at the Indiana Statehouse, arming legislators, policymakers, and youth-serving organizations with unbiased, disaggregated youth-focused data. It is often this level of detail that informs the state’s legislative agenda when it comes to youth.

Indiana ranks 28th in child well-being. We can do better

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