India Medical Tourism Market Analysis Report 2022: Share, Forecasts, Industry Trends, Size, Growth, Outlook, COVID-19 Impact 2021-2027 –

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India’s medical tourism market is expected to generate $35.12 billion in 2027 from $5.63 billion in 2021 due to international medical tourist arrivals in 2027

India also has a long and illustrious medical history dating back to the Vedic era. One of the oldest medical systems, Ayurveda, dates back to 8000 BC. Since independence, India’s advance in modern medicine has accelerated; built a unique environment for holistic health that incorporates the best in contemporary health, alternative medicine and wellness.

As a result, India is considered one of the best locations for Medical Tourism due to the synergy of this unique holistic health and wellness ecosystem and its various possibilities.

Medical Tourism market in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 35.68% from 2021-2027

The main objective of Indian medical infrastructure is to market India as a high quality healthcare destination for people across the world, enabling them to make use of the country’s knowledge and healthcare facilities.

In addition, India offers world-class health and medical services at a relatively reasonable rate. Ayurveda Centers are becoming a standard feature in most hotels and resorts. Most foreign visitors now come to India for Ayurveda treatments only. Ayurveda has been included in the brochures of major tour operators promoting health tourism around the world.

By Country, India Medical Tourism – Market and Arrivals

South Indian states, particularly Kerala, have developed Health Tourism as one of the products to promote tourism in Kerala. Health tourism has also been announced as one of the differentials of the state.

The report found that India receives medical tourists from critical countries such as Bangladesh, Iraq, Maldives, Afghanistan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria. Furthermore, we believe that India has a significant opportunity to recognize and aggressively pursue medical tourists from other regions of the world, including Europe and the Americas.

India Medical Tourism Market During COVID and Post-COVID World

Over the years, the global population, which desperately needs proper health and wellness solutions, has made medical tourism in India a priority sector with considerable revenue prospects. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to the growing market popularity and growing demand for medical tourism.

The demand for healthy living, preventive medicine, nutrition and immunity-boosting visits is expected to increase in the coming years. As a result, health and wellness services are likely to increase in the post-COVID world as more people seek pathways to quality healthcare and holistic health.

The main advantages of India for the medical tourism market are as follows

  • World-class doctors and hospitals.

  • The cost of treatment is a fraction of the price in the home markets.

  • There is no waiting period for various medical processes.

  • India’s growing popularity as a medical tourist destination in countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

  • Eastern Healthcare wisdom coupled with Western Medicine expertise.

Main topics covered:

1. Introduction

2. Research and Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Growth engines

4.2 Challenges

5. India’s Medical Tourism Market

6. Arrivals of Medical Tourists in India

7. Analysis of Participation in India’s Medical Tourism

7.1 By country market share

7.2 Market Share by Region

8. Medical tourist arrivals by country, 2017-2020

8.1 France

8.2 Germany

8.3 Italy

8.4 Holland

8.5 Norway

8.6 Sweden

8.7 Switzerland

8.8 Kazakhstan

8.9 Russian Federation

8.10 Ukraine

8.11 Egypt

8.12 South Africa

8.13 Bahrain

8.14 Oman

8.15 Turkey

8.16 United Arab Emirates

8.17 Afghanistan

8.18 Iran

8.19 Pakistan

8:20 am Indonesia

8.21 Malaysia

8.22 Philippines

8.23 Singapore

8.24 Australia

8:25 am New Zealand

9. North America – Arrivals of medical tourists from the country, market

9.1 Canada

9.2 United States

10. Western Europe – Arrivals of medical tourists across the country, market

10.1 United Kingdom

11. Eastern Europe – Medical Tourist Arrivals, Market

11.1 Arrivals

11.2 Market

12. Africa – Arrivals of medical tourists from the country, market

12.1 Kenya

12.2 Mauritius

12.3 Nigeria

12.4 Sudan

12.5 Tanzania

13. West Asia – Arrivals of medical tourists from the country, market

13.1 Iraq

13.2 Saudi Arabia

13.3 Yemen

14. South Asia

14.1 Bangladesh

14.2 Maldives

14.3 Nepal

14.4 Sri Lanka

15. Southeast Asia – Arrivals of medical tourists in the country, market

15.1 Myanmar

16. Australasia – Medical Tourist Arrivals, Market

16.1 Arrivals

16.2 Market

17. Other – Medical Tourist Arrivals, Market

17.1 Arrivals

17.2 Market

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India Medical Tourism Market Analysis Report 2022: Share, Forecasts, Industry Trends, Size, Growth, Outlook, COVID-19 Impact 2021-2027 –

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