I’m A Store Writer Moving Into A New Home, And These Are The 20 Daily Upgrades I’m Buying At Target

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Including a Bissell deep cleaner for carpets and upholstery fabrics that I have been looking for for months.

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Really Simple / Michelle Barnes

After a major clean out of my current home, I realized I have a long list of items needed for the new one. While I had to let go of several bath, kitchen, and housewares that have served me well over the years, I’m already looking forward to getting upgraded pieces for these rooms in my future home.

And while conquering such a checklist sounds overwhelming, for me as a shop writer it’s the exact opposite. Focusing on which household items definitely need a refresh, I loved going through my ultimate shopping go-to, Target, sharing purposeful and aesthetically pleasing products from a front door mat to a Shark robot vacuum cleaner.

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Home upgrades at Target

For years I’ve tried my best to remove spills and clean up my dog’s mess on my carpets, but I finally commit to this Bissell deep cleaner to make this maintenance less stressful for me. This lightweight home cleaning device uses heat wave technology to remove stubborn stains on carpets and upholstery, thoroughly cleaning home furnishings and rugs.

Another item going into my cart is this handheld window cleaner and cordless vacuum set that dispenses glass cleaner and allows the user to scrub the glass surface with a reusable microfiber pad. Then the included suction nozzle is used to simultaneously suck the dirty water from glass surfaces such as windows, shower doors and mirrors.

I also found myself in need of some space savers and organizers around the house as well. These vacuum-sealed storage bags are perfect for storing extra blankets and seasonal clothes, while a set of velvet coat hangers maximize my closet space. And to organize that collection of brooms, mops, and floor cleaners in the corner, I opt for these grabbers from Command that won’t damage my walls.

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Kitchen upgrades at Target

I know a new dishwasher is definitely needed (consider this a friendly reminder to replace this item in your kitchen too), along with a low-profile sink caddy. I’ll admit, I haven’t had a real paper towel holder in years, but decided it was time to get one for the new house. I love the clean marble finish of this one from Threshold and have already added it to my cart.

This expandable dish mat is for those who prefer to keep their counters free as much as possible. The mat unfolds into three layers with raised ribs for effective drying, allows water to drain from a built-in spout and is easy to store in any kitchen cupboard. Another space saver is this knife organizer that will eliminate that current stack of knives in my drawer and separate them into individual slots.

I had to forgo my chopping boards while tidying up, but luckily I found this three-piece heavy-duty set that is suitable for cutting smaller foods like fruits and veggies and preparing larger meals. Another item I wanted to buy is a step stool to keep on hand for taller cabinets and shelves in the pantry.

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Bath upgrades at Target

The last main room on my list that requires immediately upgraded items is the bathroom. First, there are cleaning essentials including a new toilet brush and plunger set and a small bin. I like that Target has these products in multiple colors so customers can decide what works best for each bathroom. I also liked this Clorox bath and tile scrubber that extends to clean those hard-to-reach areas in the shower and bathroom floors.

I’m also ready to say goodbye to my old laundry basket and will pick up this roomy bamboo basket to keep my laundry discreet. This plastic basket with handles is another option for those who prefer it to be carried from room to room.

And last but certainly not least, a new bathroom doesn’t feel fresh without a new bath mat. This cotton bath rug is available in 16 different colors and is machine washable. Users can keep their feet dry and feel pampered in their bathroom.

Head over to Target to buy these daily bath, kitchen, and home upgrades.

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I’m A Store Writer Moving Into A New Home, And These Are The 20 Daily Upgrades I’m Buying At Target

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