I tried Rugiet, a new ED drug that makes you hard in 11 minutes

I love Viagra. I even have subscriptions from both Hims and Roman to make sure I get a constant supply delivered to my door. Although I don’t take it before every sexual encounter, I like to take it when I think my nerves are holding me back getting or maintaining an erectionlike when i’m with one sex club with spectators, filming for a friend’s OnlyFans, or having an orgy with multiple partners, where I have to change condoms repeatedly.

So I was excited to learn that there is another form of erectile dysfunction that supposedly works even better than Viagra: Rugiet. Rugiet Health created a sublingual – a soluble lozenge that you put under your tongue – that takes an average of 11 minutes to take effect. It works much faster because it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, the CEO of the company, Vikas Patel, explained to me on the phone.

This seemed too good to be true, but if it turned out to be legit, it would solve my biggest problem with Viagra: having to time the dose. You are supposed to take Viagra at least an hour before having sex, but I don’t always know if I will have sex in an hour. So sometimes I take it, get hard and then don’t use it – or sex happens at fast, and I can’t get as hard as I want.

roared sublingually

He will roar

How Rugiet works

I went to Rugietmen.com and created an account. After going through the diagnostic questions (which focus on physical health and drug use) with a doctor online, I was prescribed Rugiet sublingually.

On their website, I learned that Rugiet combines sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and a drug called APO. I was familiar with sildenafil and tadalafil – both are PDE-5 inhibitors that relax muscles and increase blood flow to your penis (creating an erection). Sildenafil is more short-acting while tadalafil is more long-acting; its effects can last up to 36 hours.

I was not familiar with APO, so I contacted Vipul Khanpara, MD, Rugiet’s chief physician, who explained that APO was short for apomorphine. Despite having “morphine” in its name, APO is not a pain medicine; rather, it is a dopamine promoter that has been used for some time to help people with Parkinson’s. “It primes the brain for sexual stimulation,” he said.

Khanpara also noted that Rugiet Health is a compound pharmacy, which means that the doctors and pharmacists can adjust the amount of sildenafil, tadalafil and apomorphine in the sublingual according to your specific needs. If you experience any side effects, you can tell your doctor online and they can change the formula to reduce or eliminate your problems. I went for the standard dose.

roared sublingually

He will roar

Try Rugiet

I decided I would try Rugiet the next time I went on a date that I thought had sex on the table. So, on my next date, I went to the bathroom while waiting for dessert and threw a sublingual. It took about 90 seconds to completely dissolve. It had quite a strong spicy minty flavor which I really enjoyed.

Patel wasn’t lying: it really started working in about 11 minutes. Foolish, I took it too early.

I asked my date if he wanted to come back to mine for a nightcap. He agreed. One thing led to another and we had sex – twice. My refractory period was essentially a minute after I came the first time. He was impressed with how quickly I could go again. l was impressed with how quickly I was able to get back – and I mean really go again. When you get hard the second time after ejaculating, you are often not as hard or you quickly lose your erection. I didn’t have those problems. It was like being 17 again.

The final verdict on Rugiet

I only have one complaint about the Rugiet sublinguals: they are more expensive than regular PDE-5 inhibitors. I did some quick math and I pay about $5.50 for Hims per dose of generic Viagra, while it’s about $15 for each Rugiet sublingual. But then I think of the times I took Viagra early, expecting to start using it, only to realize I had misinterpreted the situation and sex wouldn’t take place. That’s a waste of five dollars. I also think about the times I lost one or two pills because I put all three in my pocket and accidentally dropped one while taking out my phone or wallet. Another waste of money.

For me it’s worth spending 10 bucks more not to worry about timing. There are plenty of things to worry about when I’m on a date, in a sex club, hosting an orgy or content movie. No stress about timing and knowing that not only will I get hard but can stay hard twice to fuck? Priceless.

I tried Rugiet, a new ED drug that makes you hard in 11 minutes

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