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How is it that a middle-aged man with no medical training living in one of the most expensive zip codes in the mid-Atlantic region becomes a women’s health expert? Better yet, has Mr. Huxtable even read the bill being voted on in Legislative Hall? Has he ever read a proposed law? If he did, he would know that the recently proposed women’s health proposals were much denser than pro vs. anti-abortion. Mr Huxtable need not have followed the details of the legislation before he slandered Steve Smyk.

Mr. Huxtable, stop deceiving the people whose votes you want to win for your own election. Abortion is and will remain legal in Delaware. That vote passed in the Delaware Senate without you. Each of the abortion laws lowered the standard thresholds that applied to women’s safety during the procedure. Scaring people that they think it will somehow go away just because of the Supreme Court’s recent decision is not only disingenuous and dishonest, it is a gross misrepresentation of Delaware law. Why would you scare people just to selfishly garner a few votes for yourself? Don’t we have enough of that in Washington, DC?

Given that these are issues not threatened by Steve Smyk, let’s get back to reality and acknowledge something relevant. October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as usual the Cape region stood together and stood up for a real women’s health issue that requires continued support, attention and awareness from all of us. Thank you to Reps Steve Smyk, Pete Schwartzkopf and Sen. Ernie Lopez, who year after year have shown bipartisan leadership and support in the fight against breast cancer and funded research here in the First State. These sincere efforts are ones that will be remembered by all of us, in contrast to Mr Huxtable’s scaremongering tactics.

I am lucky enough to call my father my friend. I saw him living a life of integrity and he raised my siblings and I with the same morality. He is actually one of the most compassionate, patient, selfless, honest and understanding people I know.

The misleading claim that he is anti-abortion and anti-gay rights harms his entire family. The widespread smear didn’t explain why he voted no to laws that didn’t protect women’s health to his standards — it was never an anti-abortion vote. It’s extremist to want to create divisions like that and spread untruths in such detail. This is heartbreaking to see. If you have any questions, I urge you to contact him or go to his monthly inaugural meetings. He will always listen and discuss with you – regardless of your party affiliation or who you are.

Leah Schmyk

Huxtable Hijacks Women’s Health | Cape Gazette

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