How to take the New Year’s mindset after January

What if in January you ignored all the voices telling you what you “should be” and instead focused on finding the healthy habits that feel good for *you*? With ReNew Year we only detox from a limiting mindset. Choose a goal — exercise, food, self-care, or all three — and hit refresh. Download the program

On January 1, we often have high expectations of ourselves. This is the year of career changes, of body goals, of relationship milestones, we conclude.

Here at Well+Good, we’ve tried to move away from a mindset of unrealistic New Year’s goals that often revolve around expectations from the diet industry. Instead, with our ReNew Year program, we focus on self-care and ways we can nurture ourselves and feel our best inside and out.

Yet there is something special about the spark of motivation that blossoms on January 1. Being proactive about how we want our lives to be can help us find fulfillment and joy. Is there a way to bottle that will, without the pressure and embarrassment that often follows?

Author, meditation teacher, and self-care expert Kimberly Snyder believes so. Seeing each morning as an opportunity for a new beginning, she practices rituals like meditating and connecting with her body by sipping a hot drink to hone in on what she really wants from the day – and all those days we live in a row. ..also known as a life.

There is an unexpected benefit to treating each day as if it were a fresh start. The New Year only comes once a year. So it’s a moment when it feels like the stakes are high and the pressure is intense. But when we bring that New Year’s mentality with us every morning, we see how much power we really have to make our lives the way we want it to be.

“It takes the pressure off,” says Snyder. “Like it’s New Year’s and we’re screwing up, versus, hey, every day is a fresh start.” And it’s these little steps that really add up in big, profound ways.

From grounded morning exercise to tuning into our bodies’ nutritional and physical needs, Snyder joins fitness coach Elisabeth Akinwale and registered dietitian Maya Feller to talk about what it really means to “refresh” in the latest episode of the Well + Good podcast. Tune in below to hear their full conversation and get tips on how to bring a sense of renewal into your life after January.

How to take the New Year’s mindset after January

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