How to stop busyness burnout

Have you been pushing hard in your career and starting to feel the effects of burnout? Koya Webb has been there. Today she is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, holistic health coach, author and speaker. She is passionate about helping others use daily self-care, unity and eco-friendly living to promote mental health, fight social injustice and protect the health of the planet.

A former athlete and a self-described recovering workaholic, she now helps others regain balance and learn to take care of themselves so they can take care of others. Are you stuck in the busy culture mindset of always having to be productive and doing something? Here are her top tips for getting off the hamster wheel.

Find the signs

Being overworked can make your relationships and even the quality of your work feel drained not only physically and mentally. Being in that stressed, fight-or-flight state all day negatively impacts your personal and professional life.

“I love my job and what I do,” says Webb, “but it’s important to understand that we can do our jobs better when we’re healthy. If we’re not doing well, it also negatively impacts our families. Taking care of yourself is taking care of others and the world.”

Resist the urge to rush

Instead of pushing yourself to wake up an hour earlier for a “perfect” pre-dawn meditation practice or rushing to a hot yoga class before a long day of work, Webb recommends keeping it calm.

“To set yourself up, create a schedule that starts with self-care and reflection.” She recommends starting your day with a few deep breaths, a glass of water, and a simple gratitude exercise where you notice a few things you’re thankful for. She is also a fan of doing a few yoga poses to get the blood flowing.

“If you take the time to take a few deep breaths in the morning and start the day with a higher vibration of peace rather than rush, you can go into your workday from a place of peace rather than your parasympathetic nervous system on high alert. it.”

Incorporate self-care into your schedule

Adding small moments of self-care to your day can go a long way toward functioning better. Webb recommends turning routines into rituals with minor tweaks. “When we ritualize our wellness routine, it feels more sacred and easier to stick with.”

For example, if you’re making a cup of tea, she says, “Light a candle, put on some music, or open a window, so it has a calming effect.”

She also boosts her well-being with healthy food throughout the day. She recommends keeping a snack bag in your car and at work so you have healthy things to grab when you need them so your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and make it harder to function. She also keeps water nearby during her workday to stay hydrated.

She recently teamed up with Sunsweet to talk about how she’s adding California plums as part of her personal wellness rituals. “I have a glass of prune juice with my water in the morning and will eat a few prunes at some point during the day to give me energy so I’m less likely to overeat at my next meal.” Or sometimes she throws them into one of her signature smoothies, along with other nutrient-dense plant foods like berries, sea moss, and banana.

Dealing with negative self-talk

Do you have a nagging inner voice telling you that you always have to do more or that you can’t catch a break?

Webb shares, “I like to say to that little voice, ‘I can go back to what I was doing after I get some rest.’ You have to turn limiting beliefs into liberating affirmations. When we slow down, we can do our best and be seen in a better light and have a bigger impact on our colleagues and our bosses.”

How to stop busyness burnout

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