How to organize a baby shower

The main goal of Growing Together Sims 4 The expansion pack is to add depth to the familiar gameplay and enhance the storytelling for Simmers who enjoy legacy-style playthroughs. It has given players many options that were lacking before.

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Baby showers were one of three social events that were added to The Sims 4 with the new expansion pack and definitely highlight the process of carrying a child in the game. This guide will show players how host your own Baby Shower The Sims 4 and the rewards they will derive from it.


How to host a baby shower in The Sims 4

baby shower social event card

While it always appears as an option when the player picks up their Sim’s phone to try and plan a social event, baby showers can only be held under specific conditions.

To host a baby shower, the hosting Sim must be the expectant parent or be on the same lot as them. Then, simply use your phone, access the Social tab and select Schedule a Social Event.

The party can be organized for one or two expecting parents; the guest list must include at least two Sims and can take place on a community lot or in a Sim’s home.

Prizes for the Baby Shower event

give the sim a gift at the baby shower

The Baby Shower social event isn’t too busy; it’s mostly about discussing the baby on the way, and with the right preparation, players will be able to easily get a gold medal.

The main objective of the Baby Shower is to talk about the child a total of six times. Unfortunately, there are only two social interactions that will count towards the progress of this activity: the interactions Gush About New Baby and Guess New Baby’s Future Career.

The Babies update has changed the social menu, so it can be difficult to find them at first with the new categorized tabs, but both interactions can be found in the Friendly menu under the Chat option.

earn a gold medal at a holiday social event

Players should also purchase a celebration cannon and stereo in advance because one of the tasks will require players to fire the cannon and another will require their Sim to dance. Here are the rewards for all obtainable metals:



Bronze medal

Silver medal

  • Nice rattle toy
  • A bunny loves you rattle toy

Gold medal

  • Nice rattle toy
  • A bunny loves you rattle toy
  • Mouse inspirational poster
  • Baby Bliss cradle

In addition to these social event awards, players can also receive gifts from other Sims they invite.

The Sims 4 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and XSX/S.

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How to organize a baby shower

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