How pollution can affect hair health

City life isn’t always pretty. It turns out that impurities and pollution in the air also affect hair health. To explain why and how to go about this, we reached out to celebrity stylist Bianca Hiller. Find out below how pollution affects the health of your hair!

How Pollution Affects Hair Health

“Hair is exposed to various types of environmental pollutants that can cause the hair or scalp to become dry, brittle and/or oily,” Hiller says. “Air pollution, UV rays and heavy metals in water are all factors that damage hair through pollution. These pollutants can lead to excess sebum in the scalp, clogging hair follicles and even stunting hair growth. Air pollutants cause frizz and dryness, while exposure to UV rays can cause discoloration and brittleness and damage the cuticle causing split ends,” she continues.

As if that were not enough, you also have to take into account the crane. “Heavy metals in water, such as chlorine, can chemically react with the hair, which can lead to discoloration, color fading, or unwanted tones in the hair. Over time, pollution will cause the keratin in the hair to become weak and brittle, causing the hair strand to break,” she says.

How to protect your hair from pollution

Okay, that sure is terrible. So how can we handle it?

According to Hiller, it’s all about your product arsenal. “The best way to protect hair from environmental pollutants is to use hair care products that help counteract and protect hair from various outside pollutants,” she explains.

Since protecting your hair is essential to keep it healthy, you need to follow a clean regimen. “Using a clarifying shampoo can remove hard metals and keep hair clean when exposed to environmental contaminants such as pool chlorine, smoggy air and even excessive sweating. Limiting thermal styling such as straightening or curling the hair is necessary to limit color fading and breakage. Always use a thermal heat protectant when styling your hair,” Hiller advises.

Recommendations for anti-pollution products

“Adding products to your daily hair care routine, like Olaplex, can protect your hair from everyday pollutants,” shares Hiller. “Olaplex’s new No. 4C Clarifying Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo that can remove even harsh metals and contaminants from hair along with excess product buildup. It should be used once in a weekly routine and contains Olaplex’s patented bond-building technology to reconnect hair bonds to repair and strengthen hair.

Hiller is also a fan of the brand’s hair serum. “Olaplex no. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum is a heat protectant that gives shine and style memory. It is scientifically proven to protect hair from pollutants for 48 hours,” she notes. “It is also a UV protector and the lightweight formula is suitable for all hair types. Overall, Olaplex products are perfect for not only protecting against pollutants, but also building strength from within the hair strand as you go about your day.”

Be sure to follow THESE mandatory steps to protect your hair from pollution!

How pollution can affect hair health

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