How Jennifer Day wants to help business leaders take control of their emotions

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / January 23, 2023 / Controlling your emotions is an art. There are many promising leaders who have been undone by their emotions, which is why emotional intelligence is in such a spotlight these days. It can prove to be a game changer in critical situations. As renowned leadership expert John.C. Maxwell famously said, “Good leaders know when to show emotions and when to delay them.” Jennifer Day, through her company Applied Emotional Mastery, is an emotion coach, trainer, and consultant who specializes in helping business leaders and parents increase their emotional intelligence and take control of their emotions, both in their personal and professional lives.

Jennifer never imagined when she started her career as a professional dancer and then trained as a teacher that she would become an emotional coach. But these stages in her life shaped her abilities in her current role to help people build emotional resilience.

Jennifer started her career as a dance teacher with classical ballet lessons and then moved on to jazz and more commercial dance forms. It was at this time that Michael Jackson and his moonwalk became popular. This era was marked by the advent of music videos and a surge in demand for dance classes. During this time, Jennifer lived in Trinidad and also in Norway.

Her interest in inner healing and emotional mastery was sparked by a personal crisis – the breakdown of her marriage that left her with everything she had gained in her life, except her 10-year-old daughter. Her personal crisis made her turn to psychology and explore techniques such as meditation. She had used visualization techniques while teaching her students to help them with their interpretation and achieve movements and steps they struggled with. When she started meditating to relieve her stress, she found that the same technique of using her imagination to visualize what she could be and gain inner strength would be useful in helping her take control of her emotions as well.

Jennifer studied counseling and meditation after returning to the UK after her divorce. She felt that the field of psychology was too academic and did not provide the practical tools and solutions for dealing with stress and emotions. Searching for those solutions became her focus. With not much interest in the UK for such ideas in the late 1990s, Jennifer ended up traveling for nine years, studying various techniques, especially those backed by science, in great detail. She eventually moved to Hawaii in the United States where she focused on working in private schools. There she partnered with schools in programs that specialized in helping children with emotional problems through techniques including visualization. Her techniques proved to be so effective that parents began asking her for written scripts to follow when interacting with their children. This led Jennifer to write her first book “Creative Visualization with Kids”, which has been published in 10 languages ​​and is still in print. It offers parents several practical tips on how to use creative visualization techniques to solve emotional problems in children. .

While working with children, Jennifer realized that the emotional issues they faced often stemmed from situations they had to deal with at home. After that, she started having programs involving both parents and children. Some of the parents who were entrepreneurs and held senior corporate positions felt that her techniques would be effective in a corporate setting and asked her to conduct training programs for their companies.

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Jennifer Day, Emotional Intelligence Coach to Executives and Parents, says: “We fail to control our emotions when our mind-body connection gets confused. Through my years of research into techniques such as meditation and studies in neuroscience and psychology, I’ve discovered several techniques that can help people take control of their emotions so they can make better decisions, collaborate and communicate in more effective ways, and don’t lose their temper or become unnecessarily anxious. In business environments, emotional mismanagement and outbursts can can have a significant impact and even affect a company’s bottom line and employee morale. This is where an emotion coach like me can make a difference through the use of simple techniques.”

Some of the techniques Jennifer uses include posture control, breathing exercises, creative visualization, and journal writing exercises as she builds greater self-awareness. For example, sitting for hours at a time can affect the inflow of breath into the lungs. Instead of breathing normally, we, often unconsciously, take shallow breaths for hours on end, signaling to the brain that it is under stress. The solution is to step back and take a few deep breaths. This has been recognized by modern science and many companies now offer employees the option of having standing desks. Breathing exercises coordinate the flow of energy between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Buddhists have a practice of “Inner Smile Meditation” which involves being very centered on your emotions and being aware of them so you don’t react under stress.

Through her training programs, courses and books, Jennifer Day has turned practices once considered strange into standards of best practice in a business environment. This has helped many business leaders around the world become emotionally intelligent and communicate better, as well as experts in their own field, so they can lead their businesses to greater success.

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Through Applied Emotional Mastery Ltd, Jennifer Day, the founder of the company, helps parents and business people take control of their emotions and increase their emotional intelligence to better fulfill their roles.

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How Jennifer Day wants to help business leaders take control of their emotions

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