How facing your demons is the best kind of self-care

By Shelby Long

Self-care has become an unstoppable force in modern society, and it’s safe to say that our generation has embraced the idea of ​​”treat yourself!” From skincare routines to daily workouts and book clubs, self-care has become a highly desired way to optimize positive personal well-being.

While we can easily implement normative self-care practices into our lives, it’s possible that we can still endure internal struggles.

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Personally, I’ve used my self-care regimen to address many superficial issues, but I still feel empty inside.

Dealing with inner emptiness involves a level of self-actualization and personal awareness that requires confrontation. Ultimately, this struggle with conflict is where most of us falter on a fundamental level.

Many cultures view confrontation as a form of instigation and aggression and therefore vehemently discourage it. Society often instills confrontation as a negative value, especially in our first moments of active awareness.

These cultural norms have created a worldview centered on avoiding issues, people, and perspectives that challenge our preconceived notions of both the world around us and our personal constructs.

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How facing your demons is the best kind of self-care

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