Hershey Fire Department rescues baby ducks from storm drain

HERSHEY, Pa, (WHTM) — Members of the Hershey Fire Department were called to the Weis Market on Mae Street in Hershey. But, this call was not for any fire.

Two ducklings got caught in a storm drain in the parking lot of the store. Fire department workers climbed into the drain and collected the two ducklings, under the supervision of the mother duck.

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David Sassaman with the Hershey Volunteer Department said that they received a 911 call from a shopper that witnessed two ducklings fall into the storm drain. Sassaman also said that the mother duck was trying to find a way to get the ducks out of the drain, and was very active around the drain.

A butterfly net-type device was used to secure the ducks and to get them out of the storm drain without injury.

The ducks were able to be successfully reunited with their mother and the duck family went on their way.

Sassaman reminds people that if they see any animal that falls down a storm drain or gets caught, to call 911 and not to try to rescue the animal themselves. The fire department monitors the air quality before going down into the drains, in case there are poisonous gasses.

Hershey Fire Department rescues baby ducks from storm drain

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