Here’s how to pamper your sensitive skin during the winter season

You may need to be a little more careful when applying personal care and cosmetic products.

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Skin Care Tips: Winter is one of the most detected seasons, especially those with sensitive skin. If this easily irritated skin type is not taken care of, it can become bumpy and red. You may even experience itching, stinging and burning.

On the other hand, the tolerance capacity of sensitive skin is quite reduced than that of normal skin. You may need to be a little more careful when applying personal care and cosmetic products. In addition, complaints of sensitive skin in most cases only concern the face.

Why should people with sensitive skin avoid chemical-based products?

Chemically treated products are a big NO for sensitive skin. You can afford to let such products mess with your skin. There are a few ingredients that you should alarmingly avoid when looking for skin care products.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Odor
  3. sulfate
  4. Apricot kernel

Most of these ingredients can seriously damage your skin. Since your sensitive skin is already sensitive to such chemicals, trust us, you don’t have to make it worse.

Therefore, consider using more natural products that suit your skin. Don’t forget that your skin needs a lot of nourishment. Always look for soothing components and barrier-repairing oils. They reduce redness and soothe your skin inflammation and reduce agitated sensitivity symptoms.

Therefore, choosing natural and organic products can not only support your skin, but make it better with every application.

Why are organic and natural products better for sensitive skin?

Since organic products are less likely to cause an allergic reaction, as opposed to chemical-based products, those with sensitive skin should go for natural options. Not only do they promote healthy skin, but they are also environmentally friendly.
It is no surprise that during the winter you have to put in extra effort and time to take care of your skin. There are plenty of skin routines and products you can add to your daily routine to pamper your sensitive skin during the winter.

What kind of products should you use for sensitive skin in winter?

The first step to prevent dry skin is moisturizing. People with sensitive skin should make sure they moisturize their skin to form a hydrated base.

One of the biggest skin problems in winter is dry skin. Consider using Body Butter Cream as it is one of the most reliable and effective solutions for dry skin. Hemp with Neroli Body Butter retains moisture and provides the necessary nourishment for your skin throughout the day.

Another in the chain is Face and Body Oils. As mentioned earlier, essential and barrier-repairing oils are great for sensitive skin in winter. Hemp with Moringa Face and Body Oil provides your skin with a precise amount of nourishment and moisturizes your skin to prevent itchiness and dryness. It strengthens your skin, gives it the nutrition it needs and forms a shield to protect it.

Plus, if you’re still using chemical-based soaps, it’s high time to stop. Your sensitive skin is already prone to numerous irritations. Organic hemp and shea butter body soap and moringa body soap should be on your priority list.

How do you know if these products are good for your skin?

Before using any new product, you should know the exact ingredients from which the product is made. Choosing the right product for your sensitive skin is important. Make sure the product contains all the right ingredients that should help your skin instead of ruining it.

To check if the product is right for you, try taking a small amount of the product on your palms and apply it to a specific area on your hands to see if it irritates you. If not, then you are all set to use the product.

In short, it is quite safe to use organic products. But you should keep in mind that natural products do not always suit your skin type. Before applying it to your face, consider doing a small patch test. So take a step towards nature and healthy skin this winter season.

(Written article by Namrata Reddy Sirupa, co-founder of Satliva)

Publication date: December 12, 2021 5:00 PM IST

Here’s how to pamper your sensitive skin during the winter season

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