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When actor Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi died after collapsing in a gym recently, it was reminiscent of comedian Raju Srivastava and actor Puneeth Rajkumar, whose health condition deteriorated after training sessions and led to their deaths. As cases like these spread a frenzy among gym enthusiasts, owners and trainers are becoming more vigilant to encourage safe gym practices.

Can’t fault the exercise. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

For Delhiites like Sahil Bhatt, a Noida coach and gym regular, the recent cases of celebrities suffering heart attacks in gyms have come as a shock. “I have become more cautious since we started to realize that even a little negligence can lead to serious situations. Medical history is a personal thing, but we should always share it with our trainers so they can plan our training accordingly. If they know our medical history, they will know how far we can push ourselves.”

Another Delhiite, Prashant Mishra, a research and development engineer, adds, “We can’t blame exercise, but we can limit things to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My trainer told me to do mandatory stretches and warm-ups before any heavy lifting. Reducing your caffeine intake is also crucial as it should be in the range of 200 mg to 400 mg. Also, each individual has a different body and metabolism. Therefore, we must set our goals accordingly. 🇧🇷

Less treadmill, more bodybuilding

People started thinking yeh ho jayega, woh ho jaayega. But we tell them sirf utna workout karo jitna body ki hai requirement. Kuchh log extra workout karte hain,” says Mohit, adding, “Hum zyada strength wali exercises nahin karate hai ko clients so they don’t face health related issues. Customers ko set time pe workout karana theek rehta hai. All of them must receive individual attention from the trainers. Recently, when people heard about heart failure after exercise, we started asking them to focus on weight training instead of spending more time on the treadmill.”

All Trainers Need to Know CPR

“It’s important for a trainer to know CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) so that in an emergency they can save a life,” says Mohit, owner of a gym in South Extension, as gym owners share that they are ensuring that all of their Employed trainers are equipped to perform CPR.

“All the trainers we have are certified to deliver physical training and know how to do CPR,” says Ankur Sehgal, who has run a gym in West Delhi for the past 14 years. “We continue to organize medical camps, at least once every six months, to check BMI (body mass index) and lipid profile, cholesterol levels jisse pata chal jate hain ke customers. Also, jitna stamina hai jiska, utni hi training karwate hain. Some clients indulge in over-exercising and use steroids

Keep medical exam reports handy

Vishal Chadha, a CPR-certified self-employed fitness trainer, recommends that gym-goers be mindful of their medical records. “If you have health issues, you should talk to your trainer and share your reports before starting. Suppose someone is allergic or asthmatic, or takes some kind of supplement, it is important to keep the blood test report with you. As homocysteine ​​blood test is related to the heart, and everyone should be aware of it. If one complains of even a headache, as Siddhant did, it is important to note that the body was already in pain. Therefore, it is crucial to address internal issues first.”

Advising that you need to be evaluated by a doctor or cardiologist, treadmill test and a 2D echo before joining a gym, Dr. or diabetes or cholesterol or coronary heart disease in the family, you should get tested. Consult your pulmonologist if you have a history of asthma or lung problems and have lung function tests. Exercising in moderation has the best benefits. Stop at the first sign of discomfort, such as chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, unusual sweating, headache, dizziness, pain radiating to the arms, back, jaw, nausea, or palpitations. Do not take steroid supplements or synthetic protein powders. Do not exercise until two hours after a heavy meal.”

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Heart Attack During Workouts: Gyms Step Up Measures | Health

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